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Takato wins gold for Japan in judo; Tonaki takes silver


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The Takato-Yang bout was certainly an odd one. Neither wrestler ever scored a point against the other. In the end, Takato defeated Yang in golden score extra time after the Taiwanese was disqualified for committing his third foul for not being aggressive enough. Takuto, himself, even received one foul for not showing aggression.

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Congratulation. I gotta admit i didn't expect to enjoy the olympic but somehow i really got into it. It was pretty exciting to tell the truth. Was watching it with my family.

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Always good to see japanese winning judo medals.

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Way to go Takato!

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Now the Children can be inspired by the true never-say-die attitude possessed only by Japanese athletes, and the LDP can look forward to an overwhelming victory in the coming election!

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Ganbare Nippon!!!

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WOW!!! I didn't even know the games started!

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Japan's first gold. Many more to follow.

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You had better watch the match before commenting, the people of Taiwan and any person who is truely neutral will have a contrary view, The Taiwanese was the more aggressive, Takato was tired, even the Japanese commentors were honest enough to say so, to penalize the more aggressive wrestle is nothing but robbery. I feel sorry for the Taiwanese and I commend them for accepting the verdict graciously,

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I always love watching the Judo but to be honest this was disappointing.

Having medals won and lost due to very minor penalties is not in the spirit of the sport. It looked more like the Ref's defeated the athletes or that the ref chose the winner.

I was going for Japan but if I was going for Taiwan I would have felt robbed. If anything Taiwan was more aggressive. I think if the match had been allowed to play out Japan would have one but now we'll never know.

Korea vs France bronze ended like this too.

I'm not sure if petty rules are taking over Judo or this is some Olympic push on minor infractions. Whatever it is, I hope the trend doesn't continue.

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Who cares.

You do.

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