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Tokyo Olympic organizers eye July 2021 for start of Games: reports


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Seriously, nobody cares about the Tokyo Olympics right now. We’ve got more important things to worry about

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That is IF Coronavirus is done and dusted by then!

Even if it IS over, it's going to be an absolute logistical nightmare to get it all up and going smoothly. And, do you think that people (especially from overseas) are going to suddenly be in the mood to cram into Tokyo so soon after having been through some kind of restrictions of movement for months on end prior to the games?

I am trying to be positive, I really am......

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Exactly one year later than originally planned. Clearly they have spent a lot of time thinking about this and taken all factors into consideration when deciding on this date.

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You know, with Mori, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

What is wrong with these people?

I bet nearly everyone in Tokyo hates these games by now or they will do if Corona hits big time over here.

The only ones who care about whether they held are the ones who are dining at the Olympic trough.

Someone on here yesterday or the day before commented that the games should be taken away from Tokyo for the country's gross/criminal negligence in putting the games ahead of their people's well-being.

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It came after Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike raised the idea on Friday of moving the event to a less hot and humid time of year.

I think they've got seriously short memories! Just in July 2018 we had a devastating heatwave.... They have a golden opportunity to move it to a cooler, less humid time but they know better (as usual!).

Here's a link from the Japan Times published on the 19th July 2018:

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Do we still get those 4-day weekends scheduled for the 2020 Olympic start and end dates? That’s the only Olympic related news I care about...

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If that’s their plan they had better get their crap together and start getting serious about social distancing and closing public venues in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. If they don’t, the Tokyo Olympics could be postponed until 2030.

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Prophet and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said they would be held in around a year instead as a testament to humanity's victory over the pandemic.

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Mori makes me feel ill. Just looking at him gives me the creeps.

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Great. So even if the pandemic is over by then, we will still get hundreds of heatstroke victims.

I would love to know how much we are paying the Olympic Thinktank to sit around in meetings and restaurants until the decision to do exactly the same thing on exactly the same dates exactly one year later is announced.

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I feel vey sorry for the people that were traveling to see the games, since they moved the marathon to Hokkaido, late in the day, all of the people that had booked flights and accommodation had to rebook everything, I am sure quite a few people did this, and now its all be canceled, only to rebook arrangements again, I think this is going to push quite a few people to the point of not bothering, as they have been messed around so much already. And what is the point of displaying the flame in Fukushima ? its blinking miles away from Tokyo and Kyoto, let alown Hiroshima, so why don't they just extinguish the flame and start it again next year, or keep the flame on tick over until 2021?, because they will have to send another aircraft to Greece to restart it all again, as we all know an empty aircraft was flown to Greece and back with no one on board ( other than the pilots and crew) and what a waste of fuel that was.

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I’m not sure why so many posts are demanding more testing. Testing is only necessary for people with cold or flu symptoms. People need to distance themselves from others and keep their hands cleaned and sanitized. That is all that is necessary to stop the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask makes you more likely to pick up the virus because they create the perfect environment for a virus to thrive and wearing rubber gloves makes you more likely to spread the virus by contact. Masks should only be worn by people with symptoms, who should be in hospital anyway. Gloves should only be worn by medical workers in contact with the virus.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

On the blower to folks in NZ today, they are getting news reports that the 4 week lockdown will most likely be continued into May and perhaps June, NZers also getting general info that overseas travel might not be possible for the next 12months or even might be a bit of a push to get Olympics out of the way in July if most countries are on this timeframe...

Priorities need to sorted, start social distancing and start getting your home kitted for impending lockdown if and when it come to fruition. Live long and Prosper :)

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Didn't take them long to squander the good chance they were given. Yes, let's throw it, once again, in the middle of summer when people will die from the heat. Corona just wasn't enough. They had a perfect chance to reschedule and they blew it... again. Well done, Japan!

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Why is Japan still focusing on this event when the focus should be on COVID-19 and saving lives? The Olympics should be put on the back burner for now.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Stop it, you are wasting resources and time.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

I’m not sure why so many posts are demanding more testing. Testing is only necessary for people with cold or flu symptoms. 

It helps to identify those who might be carriers but who are not yet showing symptoms but who are infectious.

Obviously not everyone can be tested every day, but you can test people who have our may have come into contact with infected people, such as healthcare workers.

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Why make a mistake once when you can make it twice!

Still going to be too hot and humid for the competitors and spectators.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said they would be held in around a year instead as a testament to humanity's victory over the pandemic.

With so many people dying daily and more than three hundred thousand people projected to die how can it be humanity's

Victory against the victory. I guess the olympics is what matters and not human life.

Shame, shame, shame.

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If they do not move it to earlier in the year when it’s a bit cooler then they are really insane and giving up this great opportunity. How quickly everyone forgets how damn hot it gets in summer.

3 ( +4 / -1 )


That is IF Coronavirus is done and dusted by then!

The virus will absolutely be busted by then. However, the economic aftershocks with bankrupcies, inflation, interruption of supply chains etc etc... nobody knows.

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Wow the LACK of imagination of the JOC is …….well sadly UNSURPRISING!!!

The insanity continues unabated, meanwhile confirmed infections are TAKING off!!!!

Carry on......idiots!

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Surely it’ll takes two years before everything’s might be ok.

Olympics 2022 ... Ganbatte ne

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not important

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The chance of the Olympics next year summer are zero to none. Unlikely the virus will be over by then but even if it was the economic recession and ramifications will not. The world will be a different place. Nothing will be the same. Companies and businesses will no longer exist, International air travel almost ceasing next month will not be as it was. Some countries may no longer exist in their current form. How blind and stupid are these people to what is going on in the world. The economic chaos the lockdowns have leashed is not an ordinary event that will suddenly go away. And more than likely now Japan will go into its own lockdowns next month, as even the highly restricted testing cannot stop the numbers rising daily now. People in Japan and the world will have far more important priorities.

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I’m not sure why so many posts are demanding more testing. Testing is only necessary for people with cold or flu symptoms.

Can´t speak for others, but I hope large scale testing gets under way because that way you can determine who has had it and thus is safe. Those people should NOT be kept locked in at home. You know, herd immunity and all that.

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Too optimistic as we see no end of this dark tunnel yet.

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If the virus ain’t enough then the heatwave will be...

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Um.The noise about a July race prompted the marathon moving to Sapporo.So it's really gonna be held in July now then?

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Basic question where coronavirus will move by July 2021.

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They are only ‘eyeing’ it.

April and May, please, and run the marathon in the rainy season in June when the cooling rain is the only factor keeping the unbearable heat at bay.

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Wow they're still stuck in Olympic mode even after the athletes took the rug out from under them. They need to move on. Also the October 2021 is the only viable date but they'll screw that up too. Whoever thought that Japanese administration would be the star of the Olympics was living in a dream world

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Are you freaking kidding me. JULY in that city. If Japan wants Olympics the whole even should be up in Hokkaido. The climate way more hospitable for spectators and Athletes. That disgusting amount of heat in Tokyo will kill some people. Participants and/or competitors. I have no desire to ever visit that city in the summer. You can cook eggs on the street its so damned hot. Have the Olympics at the tail end of Cherry Blossom season. That would be better temps and would be such a beautiful time of year there.

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If the Coronavirus is still rampant next year, what are they gonna do? Postpone it again?

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"It came after Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike raised the idea on Friday of moving the event to a less hot and humid time of year."

And yet apparently she was ignored. At least one person appears to have an ounce of common sense, albeit informed by strong self interest (obviously Koike would like the marathon to take place in Tokyo and not Sapporo). If the Tokyo Olympics are going to be held in 2021, then let them begin no earlier than 10 October--the date the 1964 games opened.

Older Japanese in particular are known for being so nostalgic about Japan's golden era of high economic growth from 1960 to 1973. Mori himself was a young adult when the first Tokyo games were held. I'd like to think he'd see both the practical and emotional appeal of an October start.

No doubt this matter is way, way down the list of concerns right now. But few things over the last decade left me more bewildered and flabbergasted than hearing the news that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would begin on July 24. Complete madness.

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Should be in Sept 2021 or oct 2021. Imagine in the middle of summer if people died ???.

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People will die, that is a sad probability. Locals that are used the crazy heat of Tokyo still succumb to it. Imagine people and athletes that come from places that never see over 30 C

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