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Xander Schauffele with 2 clutch putts gives U.S. gold in golf


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Congratulations Xander Schauffele! USA wins Gold in the individual!

Xander held off Sabbitini. Held off the current Master's winner! For two days gave us extraordinary display of iron play on one of the hardest Links courses out there!

USA! USA! Yes... Well worth the wait and nail biting! Whoooooo!!!!

The bronze metal play off is not disappointing either at the moment.

Morikawa of the United States

Mito Pereira of Chile.

Muñoz of Colombia.

McIlroy of Ireland

H. Matsuyama of Japan

P. Casey of Great Britain

All battling out it for one bronze medal.

This may take some time.

Way to go Xander!

Had me nervous on 18 with that drive but you pulled out par to win!


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This has been epic. Some of these guys have been making stunning shots all day long.

Unfortunately, can't watch the end to see who won the bronze medal as nhk bailed on the viewers.

Trying to get updates. Anybody got anything?

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Hope Morikawa can outlast the others in the bronze playoff to secure third. That would be cool as he also had an excellent day with -8.

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Morikawa ended up in the bunker and CT Pan from Taiwan secured bronze.

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Battle royale for bronze! Wow!

Just saw C.T. Pan survives 7-way playoff for 3rd place in Olympic golf final!

Not a major but had that feel to it.

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Kind of an unexpected win by the US, but we'll take it. US pulling away from Japan too in golds.

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Congratulations! on Your GOLD medal Xander Schauffele & Team USA! This will inspire more of our foreign guests to ‘mochikaeri‘ as much of Tokyo’s Olympic Gold as the can!

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I was watching and holding my breath at the end. That was a beautiful third shot on the 18th! Congratulations!!

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"One of them was Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama, just not the medal that his golf-mad country wanted for him. He was one shot out of the lead when he missed a 3-foot par putt on the 15th hole and never caught up. He missed a 12-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole for the bronze."

And NHK, and once again Japan, stopped broadcasting once their golden boy/team was clearly not going to win (a medal). Quite the "welcome" to the world. Not that anyone should be surprised.

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