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A greener Olympic Games? Tokyo 2020's environmental impact

By Etienne BALMER

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well, that fence is green

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You don't even need to read the article; it's just recycled spin with a bunch of phoney "targets" set by Tokyo 2020 that will never be met, and will be quietly forgotten the instance the shambles is finally over.

Looks like a prison camp.

Anti-Olympics demonstrations all over Japan this weekend. Will these demos be reported by the corporate media?

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I'm afraid it is just a front.

One of the task as a volunteer that I learned about will be to use huge printers to print the result (and other documents) of each sports in hundreds of copies, which are then sent to delegations and the press.

The exact same data could have just been compiled on a computer and sent through an app, (e.g. email) avoiding the waste of tons of paper and ink.

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The most recent official estimate of the Tokyo Games' carbon footprint is more than some countries such as Montenegro emit in a year.

Most convenience stores probably have a larger carbon footprint than Montenegro.

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