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Simone Biles to return for balance beam finals


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Fantastic news, we stand with you Simone, and wish you success on the beams as an inspiration throughout the world!

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Biles is a very ambitious and not to mention shrewd young woman.

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The mental health issues cleared up fast? Wish it was that easy for people with teal mental health problems.

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You can't just back out of the competition, then come back just for one performance, no matter how great of a champion you are - it's not fair to the other athletes. Also, mental issues fixed themselves in a span of a few days?

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Considered to be the greatest gymnast of all time

Maybe after Svetlana Khorkina, Nadia Comaneci, and Larisa Latynina.

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Its not fair to compare athletes from different generations but if you are interested, just watch a few Youtube videos of Nadia Comaneci, Olga Korbut or Svetlana Khorkina and THEN watch Simone Biles... The sport has moved on so far its ridiculous!

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NO! Unacceptable. How can you say that your American?

This is simple. She opted out. Mental health issues? The demons she said in her head.

Yes, your are *were, a major force, Have done allot for the sport. Have won many medals.

However, that is past. And as you go on to be an analyst for ESPN, or whomever or whatever network.

You should be benched. Hear me benched! Take the sideline and put forth the cheering on for your your team mates. You opted out, Your done competing. Retire.

You can not pick and choose what days you want to compete or the days the demons voices are louder then the previous days or weeks, Or what ever. (Seek professional help) You can not wake up and say, I am great on the beams. I want a medal. Come on girl. Knock it off eh. Your DONE!

Call her shrew, spoiled, a millennial, over bearing entitlement.

This position with young people is waring thin. Period your owed nothing!


Sorry, I care more about the integrity of the games then team America putting up network numbers and more medals.

This is not fair. for others. Stay of the beams and cheer on the team. Go home medal-less

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Mental Health issues are not day to day, nor pick and chose events that you want to participate in, also having a bad day at the Olympics.

It is indeed pressure to perform the work she has chosen like we all do in our work places. Some people can handle pressure better than others.

Please, do not use the 'Mental Health' issue as you are belittling people who actually have Mental Health issues and also for years. I have a friend who is battling mental health for many decades after he was molested by his own father at the age of 10.

Biles has had a good life and should be gracious when she does not do well like other USA athletes.

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Yeah luv, don’t bother. The woke theatrics is a joke. You were off your meds for a week, couldn’t hack it, then pulled all the identity political strings to justify you actions. You done played yourself , and your team.

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Sorry, I care more about the integrity of the games then team America putting up network number

The Olympic viewership in the US is down 48% compared to Rio, and 56% compared to London, so yes, NBC use any help they can get.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people than NBC.

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I think the pressure for her to perform now is beyond what she can handle. Had she performed with the twisties prior to this event and made mistakes, she could have at least recovered faster for tonights event.

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It’s unfortunate that her condition is mentioned in the news as a mental health issue, implying she needs a shrink and anti depressants. If it were to persist, she might get depressed though, who knows. However, she simply lost her sense of coordination during a complex routine. From what I’ve read, most gymnasts (who all empathize with her by the way), have experienced this, even several times during their careers. These complex routines are practiced over and over till it becomes automatic. It can be very dangerous, if during a routine, where you flip several times in the air in the blink of an eye, you lose coordination and land on your head instead of your feet. This happened to several young gymnasts in the past, who, when in doubt themselves, were told by their coaches to don’t whine and get on with it and in fact did land on their heads, sustaining career ending injuries or worse, becoming a paraplegic or even die. It can happen any time, but for Biles it happened during the Olympics. Apparently you can be back to normal in a few days or a few weeks by re-learning the routine through safe training.

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