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Swimmers concerned Olympics will be canceled


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Cancellation will be a blow to Japan's economy. Exactly what China is hoping for. Is it any coincidence that China unleashed a global virus during an Olympic event year?

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It won't be cancelled. There may simply be no spectators within the Spectator Stands... and simply be a Televised only event - so no difference to the rest of us in the World for that. Television rights however... may be an issue.

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Anyways, even if the 2020 Tokyo Olympics still happens in the summer, remember what happened in the 2016 Rio Olympics with the Zika virus fears? Many of the big-name athletes (who don't depend on the Olympics for their income) decided not to go, instead of risking getting sick and thus derailing their sports seasons.

So even if the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a go, there'll likely be big-name athletes not a go. That's the problem the Olympics is facing again exactly like last time.

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This is too bad for Japan. As much as I’m tired of hearing about 2020, etc. and hate the idea of the crowds; I hope it goes off without a hitch.

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Death or personal interests ??? pls choose.

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Looking at how the Japanese government handling that china virus, you can bet it will be cancelled or either they adapt the ccp way by lying there ass off.

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I suggest if there is so much concern just have the athletes come and compete and no spectators. We can all watch on tv if interested.

This ^.

Just prepare, start now, request participating nations to commence testing and quarantine of athletes immediately. Same with support staff in Japan.

Would be spectators who has virus free test result gets first dib of tickets.

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How many famous swimmers from any time can you name? 2? 5?

For swimmers, there are 2 rewards for all their efforts and sacrifices:

free college

Olympic medals, which can lead to a lifetime job as a commenter, sports caster, University coach, or sponsor for different brands.

Mark Spitz, Mike Phelps, Rowdy Gaines ... Ian Thorpe, Johnny Weissmuller, Janet Evans wouldn't be famous otherwise.

Without an Olympic medal, they are just some other guy/girl.

I spent 4 hrs a day for years at the pool training for the Olympics. Got to the trials and finished 18th and 35th in my events. I've been some guy since. At least college was mostly paid off.

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3 swimmers is hardly popular opinion among swimmers.

However, I can understand why athletes don't want it to be canceled. A lot of them placed so much of their lives on hold already and competing and training can be very expensive for some athletes.

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It's going to be canceled folks. Better cut your losses now. There is no way coronavirus is going to be dealt with in the time available.

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