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tokyo 2020 olympics

Arenas of gold: Tokyo venues ready to forge Olympic dreams


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The original design, by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, was jettisoned in July 2015 after public outrage over its $2 billion price tag 

was that the reason?

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Japan will be in such financial dire straits after the games these venues will end up rotting away without any use or maintenance.

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the third last picture with the guard, it looks a bit sad.

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We are approaching the Olympics.

We will see more and more articles promoting positively the event. Influencing people’s mind

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Good morning students. Today we will be learning the word boondoggle.

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The original design, by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, was jettisoned in July 2015 after public outrage over its $2 billion price tag

No, the outrage was from Japanese architects angry they were excluded from the gravy train and the usual unhinged nationalists with their hands out. Some nifty historical revision from AFP here.

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Well, the late Hadid can be happy that Beijing Airport was successfully completed as ZHA intended. And what a marvel that is.

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Wow, what a perfect example of Newspeak propaganda to sell the taxpayer on the idea that signing up to these eyesores they don't want, and for which they'll be paying as they decay over decades, was in fact a beautiful triumph.

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The declaration of monumental architecture - in size and scope - not in design, though perhaps intent - is a rather vain and hollowed out attempt to pave over a spectacle whose worth is questionable to begin with - and certainly more so when held during a plague.

The Reconstruction Olympics. With a baseball complex sitting in a radioactive zone.

"This recovery Olympics is in name only," Toshihide Yoshida told The Associated Press. He was forced to abandon Futaba and ended up living near Tokyo. "The amount of money spent on the Olympics should have been used for real reconstruction." "I would like the Olympic torch to pass Futaba to show the rest of the world the reality of our hometown," Yoshida said. "Futaba is far from recovery."

Perhaps, it should be dubbed The Covid Radioactive Tokyo Olympics. A peer-reviewed study: Entitled Radioactive Isotopes Measured at Olympic and Paralympic Venues in Fukushima Prefecture and Tokyo, Japan is a study that “detected modest radioactive contamination at Olympic venues in Japan, and found significant alpha-, beta-, and gamma-emitter contamination at Japan’s National Training Center.

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The only dreams I see here with the Olympics are for the athletes and for the IOC. Everyone else, a "pipe dream."

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Wake me up when they're over.

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They are ready to forge Olympic dreams but completely put risk of eliminating the Japanese residents dream. It's like spitting into the faces of the public saying "you don't matter because you aren't parte of the olympics"

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More like arenas of Covid, only a few olympians in and already happening, but the show must go on

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Can we get smaller and less detailed pictures next time? I could almost identify things in the pictures posted.

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Cost a fortune. Would be such a shame not put to good use

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photo with the 'security' guard: "village"? Mmmm, how warm and cozy it looks, wish I could holiday there as the athletes get to do..... and just think of the fortunates who have bought a 'room' there to live in after The Games. (ー△ー;)

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