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At an extraordinary Olympics, acts of kindness abound


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All good and fine but just waiting for the games to finish on 8 Aug and tired of such PR stories to shift public opinion 24 X 7 across all media channels without any focus on Corona explosive growth

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Wonderful leadership from the Olympians.

Thank you.

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And NOW, media wants to highlight ‘acts of kindness?!?! - You wouldn’t know it by the way some media has handled things lately.

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Its appalling that people have become shocked by acts of kindness.

anyway, great Olympics, the high jump and triple jump and bmx was worth the entrance fee alone

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Oh my so many frustrated people on this board.

Seriously there are litterally hundreds of articles criticizing these games, and thus without counting COVID-19-related pieces.

This is just some different point of view by the Associated Press that tries to show a little brighter side of these Olympic Games. With everything the world had to face the past year, do we really need to spit on everything, including an article talking about "act of kindness"?

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Wonder if any Japanese actually saw it and realized it

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Acts of kindness, yes.

Extraordinary Olympics? Er.. no.

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We now need to be told when an act of kindness is done, shows how cynical and miserable many have become

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I didn't know you could share a gold medal. Maybe they should both get the silver and no gold.

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Some people will fall for this PR.

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Readers, there is no need to post negative comments on this thread. It is petty.

The moderator has it right.

It is a shame that so many people can't do nothing but find negativity in everything, even something that is meant to be uplifting.

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These are nice stories and what the Olympics are about in my opinion. Coming together as humanity.

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Doesn't everyone realize it's the "air" of Japan? The break out of kindness happening here is due to the omotenashi atmosphere of the organizers and volunteers!

Cheers and kudos to the people of Japan for their thoughts of goodwill and love!

(Oh and go home as fast as you can, so we all can go back to blaming Suga for holding the games during the pandemic here!)

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Reckless Today  04:52 pm JST

I didn't know you could share a gold medal. Maybe they should both get the silver and no gold.

Silver medals are for second place. Gold medals are for first place.

They finished tied for first.

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Well, a magnanimous athlete would have boycotted the Games as a defiant stance of sacrifice for the common good to help root out this virus

A virus that, for the vast majority of people, results in feeling flu-like sick for a couple days.

A virus that has a 99.5% survival rate, including a near-100% survival rate for the non-elderly reasonably healthy.

A virus that, thanks to vaccinations administered to a high percentage of elderly people, has seen its death rate (which was very low to begin with) plummet even more.

One more thing: A boycott of these Games by athletes would not have done One Damn Thing to root out this virus.

Do you really think that the virus is going to be completely gone in a year or two? That we have to wail till there are ZERO cases before we stop living our lives in neurotic, state-mandated fear?

Good luck with that. It took nearly 80 years for smallpox to go the way of the dinosaur after a vaccine was developed. A vaccine came out in the late 19th century, but the last active recorded case was in 1977.

Live your life and stop allowing FEAR to be the dominant emotion in your life. Or if you insist on allowing that, then at least stop demanding that everyone else go down Fear Lane with you.

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Can't wait to see the women's volleyball starting in about 30 minutes! it would also be nice if Japanese TV showed the women's volleyball games where Japan isn't playing as well. I think everyone likes women's volleyball.

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Not surprised. This is the participation trophy generation. Everyone’s a winner. And when you don’t perform the way you expected, just withdraw. This generation will laud you for it and call you brave.

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Contrary to what the local government obviously expects of what the media portrays in this article, in recent days, it’s as if media has been discouraging the kindnesses extended to ALL athletes and encouraging partisanship between readers.

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