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Biles out of vault and uneven bars; beam and floor possible

By Will Graves

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She is getting more attention than people still in the Olympics and the winners.

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Not really. NBC ran a small piece about it post announcement and then got in with the Schedule.

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Please just quietly bow out & go deal with your problems, surely this dragging everything out SLOWLY isnt helping

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People love it when the athletes are winning, hate it when they lose and despise them when they are human.

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Please just quietly bow out & go deal with your problems, surely this dragging everything out SLOWLY isnt helping

Exactly. Agree.

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Take care of your health first Simone, you have nothing else left to prove!

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Join in, first or last, the fact you competed inspires, rise above your personal doubts, don't be afraid to fail.

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It's really crazy the whole media centers around this woman.

Now whether she decides to fight or not gets an article.

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The actual real problem is not so much any given athlete in any given sport, it's the media obsession on just one athlete.

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MyKayla Skinner, who had the fourth-highest score in vault during qualifications, will compete in vault finals for the U.S. alongside Jade Carey, who finished with the second highest score. Skinner initially did not make the vault finals because International Gymnastics Federation rules allow each country a maximum of two athletes per event in the finals.

It's another opportunity for one of her teammates to experience competing for an Olympic medal that she otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to do - this time it's MyKayla Skinner

Biles had been working on performing the Yurchenko Double Pike vault in Tokyo. She unveiled the vault - one never done by a woman in competition - in May. If she had been able to successfully land the vault, which requires the gymnast to do a roundoff and back handspring onto the table before two backward somersaults with her hands clasped behind her legs, the vault would then carry her name in the sport's Code of Points.

This is the big lost opportunity - in order for a move to be named after you, you have to perform it successfully either in the Worlds or Olympics (where all the countries are competing)

She already did it in May, and everyone was waiting for it to be named after her in this Olympics

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