A condo complex in the Athletes Village for the 2020 Olympics in Harumi, Tokyo Photo: REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon/File
tokyo 2020 olympics

Buyers of Olympic village condos left out in the cold after delayed Games

By Takashi Umekawa and Yuki Nitta

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Looking at the photo of those boxy buildings with tiny windows crammed together with no greenery, I would certainly be backing out of my contract right now!

I expect the post covid world won't do much to help the popularity of urban developments that shoehorn over 10 thousand people into a sliver of space.

At 65 square meters, his current home is too cramped for four adults, he said.

No kidding. Our apartment of that size often feels crammed for us two adults.

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These look worse than Singapore HDB housing. Is there even a pool?

Unacceptable for an expensive condo.

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I agree with the above - who'd want to live in such a depressing housing environment? Is that the best they can do?

Green spaces should the the number one priority if people are to be expected to live in such small spaces. But then again, quality of life doesn't seem to be a priority of the government, planners or indeed the majority of people.

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Buying a home due to OLYMPICS ???

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"Another buyer, a man in his 30s, said developers should use some of the 4.2 billion from the lease extension to pay compensation.

Mitsui Fudosan Residential declined to comment on his situation."

THIS IS GREED! Mitsui should return compensation to buyers immediately! They have no honor.

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People would live in those blocks by choice? And pay ¥85 million for the pleasure?

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The pic looks like danchi of old with a crappy facelift LOL!!!

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That's business.

In UK when it was announced Crossrail would go to Manchester. Developers moved in, bought, built. Even though prices have come for a quick sale, there are no takers. That's the risk every 'businessman ' takes

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Oh well.......too bad

How many of these buyers are super wealthy?

I'm sure us working class jobbers are heartbroken over all of this.

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