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tokyo 2020 olympics

Canada clinches women's soccer gold with a shootout win over Sweden


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Great game! Disappointed that NHK did not air this on any of their channels. So happy for Christine Sinclair, truly a great player most deserving of this gold medal!

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Such a gut-wrenching loss for Sweden and euphoria for Canada, after years and years of effort for these women. Thank you Tokyo and all of Japan for allowing these athletes to have these moments!

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Horrible way to lose, and not a great way to win, either. That said, it does make for some serious nail-biting. Well done to both teams.

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Go Canada!

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Well done Canada.

Get ready for the usual suspects blaming the "taking a knee" gesture for Sweden losing. Just quit, already.

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Great moment for Canada! Christine Sinclair can now finally retire peacefully after 21 years with the National Team if she chooses to. The kids are now ready to carry the torch ahead. I'm so happy that Sinclair finally can taste Olympic gold after the disappointment of losing after an epic performance at Old Trafford in 2012.

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Shameful that none of the Japanese TV networks broadcasted this Final match.

They didn't even broadcast the Semi final match of Women's Volleyball, Brazil X South Korea Republic, played from 21h.

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I would have liked to watch this match, I wish all medal round events were presented on the major network.

I didn’t see so much as a highlight last night.

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It happens, Svedish blondies. Ya can outplay the other team and still lose. Canada has done just that 2 in a row. That's football

Congrats Canucks, now it's more of a rivalry with the US. Congrats Christine Sinclair, what a way to go out

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

I had to watch it on nhk online, with no witty announcer banter.

Definitely happy with the result, but perplexed by the fact that Canada won both the semi and final without scoring a goal that wasn’t from the spot. It kind of diminishes the point of playing 90 minutes.

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