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Djokovic says he will play at Tokyo Olympics


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This guy just can't get enough.

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He says

"I can't even have my stringer that is a very important part of my team. I'm limited with the amount of people I can take in my team as well."

Then don’t enter an area with a declared State of Emergency where the tax paying citizens are being restricted so you can hit a ball.

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apart from all the obvious factors involved in this, I wonder what satisfaction there can be in winning when lots of top-flight players aren't taking part. and then, the sheer indignity of having to put the medal on yourself LOL.

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I won’t be watching the Olympic tennis on TV so I don’t care who’s coming to compete or not.

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Someone's dirty hands already touched the trophy. Better not kiss such a thing while pandemic.

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Djokovic was always happy to play for Serbia, for him it is very important, despite all the restrictions.

And it gives him the unique opportunity to achieve the Golden Slam, all grand slams and the olympics. Too much of a temptation.

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@Meiyouwenti: Well, no need to offer an opinion then, is there?

Good luck to him - Golden Slam would be an incredible achievement

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Of course he is.. The lure of being possibly only the 5th person ever to complete the fabled Golden Slam proved too much of a temptation for the old narcissist bugger!

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Unfortunately he's an anti-vaxxer. Bach expects 80% coming here will be vaccinated. Why isnt it 100%, like the requirements for a cafe in France?

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But who will watch him? Not I.

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@YeahRight: I'm sure he'll be most concerned about that.

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He might not be concerned about me personally, but all those silly athletes should be concerned about how much they are looked down upon by the vast majority of the Japanese people who don't want them here. Of course, you are right. They don't care anything about the Japanese people, either. If they did, they wouldn't come. Good show from Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Dominic Thiem and Angelique Kerber.

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