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From triumph of 1964 Olympics to COVID: Japan then and now

By Elaine Lies

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From Triumph in 1964 to disaster in 2021. All the good gained in 1964 will be destroyed in 2021 while 2022 would provide only positives. Japan, as a sovereign nations buckles under the pressure of a few greedy foreigners.


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The one thing this article didn't cover is the shinkansen which was introduced to the world in 1964. Now so many countries have high speed trains but its shinkansen which set the standard of speed, safety and punctuality.

My grandfather often talked about the ubiquitous Japanese tourist of the 1970s, who didn't speak much English but was still ready to explore the world with a camera around his neck. The first Asian nation to beat poverty after rising from the ashes of the war, Japan will always have a special place in our hearts.

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You're right about the shinkansen omission. That was perhaps the second biggest event for this 9-year old at the time. (The biggest was crossing the Forth Road Bridge that opened that year.) The 1964 Olympics were also the first to be broadcast live by satellite around the world.

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Really interesting article. Japan will recover and be strong again. They have from much worse situations and disasters. In fact the world will too, as long as we all pull together and help eachother to fight the various threats brought by Covid.

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