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Tokyo LGBTQ center head hoping Olympics spark social change

By Ayano Shimizu

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Man now says he's a woman, expects you to treat him as a woman...


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No discrimination .... fine.

Being forced to agree with something so obviously not true ( a man who wants to be a woman, is a woman)...NOT FINE!

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Why has this suddenly blown up in the last few months?

The 'Equality Now!' slogan being thrown about is an international NGO though, a lot of this isn't organic

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Relax, @BB 6:49am. It’s now a “non-issue” according to today’s news:

*- “All Olympic live viewing events in Tokyo to be canceled: Koike” *

*- @BB 6:49am: “How about making the changing rooms, washrooms and onsens totally open to all genders during the Olympics to highlight the issue.” -*

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I hate organisations dragging in any event, topic or stretched arguments to support their interests. I am fine with any individuals decision but tired of this lgbt’s exhibitionism. I will treat you equal, be yourself, but stop trying to be special and different and seeking attention when you say what you want is to be like all others.

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It's going to be extremely hard to eradicate discrimination of any kind in Japan, especially since a large majority of Japanese society just don't question why the discrimination exists. I mean, take a look at their attitudes towards tattoos for example - people with ink can't visit onsens, some beaches, waterparks etc. As someone who has tattoos, the number of times I've gotten stared at for my ink or have people move away from me on public transport because they saw my tattoos is more than I can count on my fingers. Then there's discrimination against non-Japanese folk - the casual, ignorant xenophobia and racism I've seen on display in Japan is kind of disheartening. Now, trying to get the Japanese society to be LGBTQIA inclusive? Gonna be a hard sell. You'd have to undo and restructure decades of societal conditioning. Frankly speaking, Japan is just a country and society that doesn't like change.

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....hopes the games will prove a catalyst in fostering a society in which discrimination is no longer accepted and diversity is embraced

What utter nonense. The IOC supported Mori during the sexism row and he only had to step down due to pressure from sponsors. The IOC happily waves flags and plays national anthems from countries where homosexuality is criminalized. See the link below for a list of all 69 countries, some may surprise you. The Olympic Games does this because the commercial interests are more important than gay rights or anyone else's rights. They are just a circus in the "bread and circuses" of old. It is there to distract you, not to make your life better.

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"...discrimination exists. I mean, take a look at their attitudes towards tattoos for example - people with ink can't visit onsens, some beaches, waterparks etc. As someone who has tattoos..."

Excluding individuals with tattoos is not discrimination. If you cannot fathom the difference between being tatted-up, which is a choice and the actual discrimination against gay rights - the level of narcissism is beyond measure and occludes rational judgment.

As for The Olympics bringing about social change, that is an interesting notion. The structure of the institution that lords over the games, the IOC and the major powers that fund and profit off the entire spectacle are anything but a force for social change. It's cosmetics and image and mostly a means for snake oil salesman to promote their wares which are material and that purchase has attendant imposition of a very narrow frame of 'consciousness' which is all about the status quo and keeping the entire machine rolling along without impediment. It is a business. Selling shoes. Athletic wear. Food and drink. All pasted over with a happy smile and shiny medals. And a few heart-wrenching narratives to put a human face on it all.

The games readily, easily and quickly fade from memory. It is an event of little consequence in terms of anything other than adverse consequence. The gross ignorance of holding a spectacle during a world-wide epidemic is testimony enough. It is about money. Not sympathy for the oppressed.

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It is unethical for LGBT to use the Olympics for their own agenda, especially under the guise of inclusion. The Olympic committee also banned athletes from wearing BLM shirts and other apparel during the games. We cannot make concessions for ANY group.

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with the ban on spectators, there won't be much of a platform for anyone to push any agenda, so this will turn out to be a non issue.

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These Olympics couldn't spark a firecracker, let alone social change!

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OMG, yes! We should use the Olympics to change and improve things for sexual minorities. But don't stop there. We should use the Olympics to tell them world how unfairly Japanese spouses never allow the foreigner parents see their kids after a divorce. And how some Japanese women kidnap their kids from abroad when they cry "my kid is not Japanese enough."

Also use this event to improve situations at Japanese detention centers. And about corrupts politicians and every single thing that's wrong about Japan.

And, and, and... Olympics are for sports.

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I am all for completely equal rights for LGB, but this "T" stuff complety obfuscates everything. The separation of XX and XY persons for some activities like sports is based on biological reality, not feeling.

Average grip strength for young adult males is 30 kg, and for young adult females is 20 kg. And that does not change when someone changes their "self-identity".

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