Toshiro Muto, CEO of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Photo: AP pool
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Tokyo Olympic CEO says Games to be symbol of solidarity

By Ayano Shimizu

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unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

Can't see solidarity/unity/agreement with an 80% of population against the Tokyo Olympics.

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First, I thought the Olympics were to show support of the victims of, no, I thought the Olympics were to show humankind’s victory over the coronavirus... Now you say it is to  reduce emotional distance between people who have been struggling with loneliness and anxiety. What about people who haven’t been struggling with loneliness and anxiety? What about the victims of Fukushima?


we are now in a serious crisis that may only happen once in several centuries,"

I guess he’s forgotten/never heard about the Spanish flu pandemic of 100 years ago, or the 1894 bubonic plague. I would also put World War II down as a serious crisis that happened less than ‘several centuries’ ago.

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Solidarity. Yeah, right. I remember something about limiting or prohibiting foreign visitors from comming. Because it's them who will bring the virus here... Not!

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So, hang on... let's forget for a second that there's a line-up of what the government(s) have claimed the Olympics symbolize: peace for the sufferers of the only nation to have suffered atomic bombings, reconstruction after the disasters of 3/11, an end to the pandemic, Japan's compact, high-tech ability to host Games at a cheap price, and more...

Now it's about "solidarity" when they are denying foreign people access to attend as spectators, and the majority of the population doesn't want it?

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The IOC are reviled, the organising committees are laughed at, Mori is isolated, Dentsu are more than disliked, and Tokyo's Koike is ridiculed.

Solidarity indeed.

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"Solidarity" is now the 647th meaningless catchphrase that the Tokyo Olympics are going to be a symbol of.

Anyone want to bet they can reach 1,000 by July?

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More likely these games will become a monument to greed and sellfishness, it will shame Japan for decades to come

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"Solidarity" is now the 647th meaningless catchphrase that the Tokyo Olympics are going to be a symbol of. Anyone want to bet they can reach 1,000 by July?"

Yep...and when they reach it they will appy for a UNESCO listing as the Games with most catchphrases and a special & unique symbolism.

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Everyday another A symbol for earthquake reconstruction success, for worldwide peace and nation understanding, a victory over the virus, now something with solidarity... Do you want to know what it really is? Well, I still have left some manners and rudiments of education, so I won’t use the necessary words to publish here. Rofl

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Solid gold. Where's Waylon Flowers, to bring the good newz?

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Nothing by lip service after lip service.

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whatever they say it's going to be, we know what it will be...

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guy in the pic is great representation of diversity in Japanese business and politics

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The only "solidarity" I see here is that more than 70% of the people don't want the games in the first place and don't want to be sunk into further debt.

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They banned foreigners from attending. 80% of the people are against the Olympics. Solidarity?? Are they just trying to be even more "rub your face in it" cynical??

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