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Former Tokyo 2020 sports director Murofushi being treated for brain lymphoma


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Very sad news. Along with Kitajima Kosuke, Murofushi is one of Japan's olympic GOATs. I always loved watching him compete.

All the best in your fight, Murofushi-san.

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Yes, he is a class act. Wish him all the best

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Such a champion! This is truly awful news. Much love and best wishes to him in his battle!

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Ah man, this is awful. Get well soon Murofushi.

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A great athlete and a great person. I often point to him as a model to my (haafu) kids.

Get well soon!

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As a man and as an athlete, an example to all. I wish him all the best and a quick return to health.

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I had to look it up. It's pretty rare. The web says with early treatment there's a 70% chance of survivability beyond five years. He'll need strength, will to live and luck to make it. I have followed his career from the get-go and know him to be one of the good guys. I wish him well.

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"Former Tokyo 2020 sports director Murofushi being treated for brain lymphoma"

I hope he beats this! If anyone can, it's him.

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"Please, don't worry about work. Just take care of yourself," one wrote.

This is extremely important, surgery and steroid treatment puts him completely into the high risk group of people for COVID-19, at this point he should prioritize his own health and stop working and specially meeting with people.

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Murofushi is one of those all round total athletes. Disciplined both in and out of the sports world. With all due respect, I wish him God speed recovery.

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Now, we understand why he left his position.

Defeat the devil !

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