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French boxer sits on ring apron in protest after DQ loss


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It's really easy to judge for yourself from the video provided.

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Boxers are often not the brightest…

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No matter what’s the correct result this is simply childish, non-athletic behaviour. Him, like some teams (e.g. Argentina) breaking the playbook rules in the village and at the venues, really should be named&shamed and kicked out from the competition and the country. Not fair to other rule-abiding teams nor the local staff.

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@Vinke Where in this article is it written that he has broken the protocol? Non-violent protests are authorized per the playbook.

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I looked at bits of the fight here:


Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see a head butt. To me it looked more like the two fighters were just rubbing heads.

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N.M, I didn’t say he did. Some other teams have. His behaviour is a separate issue. Just saying athletes who don’t know how to behave have overstayed their welcome.

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Well at least he didn’t lay in the middle of the ring, drum his heals and scream in tantrum!

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French people certainly like head butting when things don’t go their way.

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