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Gymnastics team, tired of 'sexualization,' wears unitards


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My browser blocks the name of those pants, but I think it is a good idea.

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Because the new Gaga leggings totally hide their figures, SMH....

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I always thought it was nice to look at those powerful legs

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Think Biles has the right idea; wear what you and your team want to wear. Some people like to wear their current leotard. It’s like figure skating… you can wear a skirt or your can wear tights… shouldn’t matter.

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My browser blocks the name of those pants, but I think it is a good idea.


Your settings, you mean.

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Women should not be made to expose their bodies, like having to wear bikini bottoms for Beach Volleyball, when shorts are better.

How do you know shorts are better? If you ask the players themselves, I would think it is their choice to have beach wear in extremely hot sand conditions. It's sexist to say they shouldn't wear bikini bottoms.

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With the right fit, an unitard could actually help them - such as by extra tightness on the hamstring (e.g. basketballers often tape up their hammies)

(Then watch the sports fed deem the new bodysuit illegal, lol)

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The women could have asked for equality - male beach volleyball players having to wear mankinis.

Given the issue of skin cancer, I'm surprised more athletes don't cover up.

Uzbekistan's female boxer, Tursunoy Rakhimova, was covered up, presumably for religious or cultural reasons. It wasn't a problem for anyone. There is no reason not to have a bit more choice in dress codes. Organisers can still mandate national or specific colours or standardised dress, but offer options for levels of modesty.

I would be interested to know the logic behind women wearing protective headgear in the Olympic boxing and men not doing so, given that they are being repeatedly punched in the head. Taekwondo and fencing have protection with embedded sensors.

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At 4-foot-8, American superstar Simone Biles said in June that she prefers leotards because they lengthen the leg and make her appear taller. “But I stand with their decision to wear whatever they please and whatever makes them feel comfortable,” Biles said. “So if anyone out there wants to wear a unitard or leotard, it’s totally up to you.”

Fully agree.

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“So if anyone out there wants to wear a unitard or leotard, it’s totally up to you.”

Exactly, how you dress should not be dictated by commercial concerns. If you are comfortable in a bikini cut leotard or a unitard you should be able to wear it.

Forcing certain types of costumes for commercial appeal keeps other women away from the sport!!!!

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I think they also want to make a statement at the Olympics about the sexualisation of women in their sport, and against a historic culture of sexual abuse of aspiring young female gymnasts. It may just be me, but I think that design is beautiful.

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Germany is religious and against the freedom for women to dress as they want. They want us to be a sexual object only.

This girl fight for the religious segregation return not for our freedom. She say "I am just a sexual object".



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