tokyo 2020 olympics

Abe says Olympic Games mark new era for nation

By Elaine Lies

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A new era for Japan? How about post Olympic recession and more of LDP corruption? Sounds like it will only be the same for Japan.

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"This will bring all the people of Japan together to walk forward together into a new age,"

Yeah, until the bodies start falling from the heat. Then it'll be one massive game of finger pointing and deflection. Meanwhile, the people Abe milked -- the victims of the March 11th disaster -- still see many of their own living in shelters while Abe CONTINUES to use them for his personal political points.

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New era? It is already the most in debt country (debt to GDP ratio: 235%) by a long shot. It will still be that 10 years from now but maybe he is going for a galaxy record in terms of owed money?

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Japan's Abe Govt emphasizes Olympics as like "Bread and Circuses" to distract public eyes from their political scandal or many domestic issue.

Their politics only pretend to do something.

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