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tokyo 2020 olympics

It's 2021 or never for Tokyo, confirms senior Olympic official

By Kazuhiro NOGI

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It is 2021 for Tokyo or never? Change the calendar and ask, "What happens in 2024" if there is another pandemic? Change the Olympic calendar to 2025 in Paris. Paris would be smart to not build elaborate new facilities so that it doesn't lose the anticipated revenue. Japan would have been smarter to use it old facilities, spread out the venues and share the wealth though out the nation rather than concentrating on Tokyo.

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I suspect that since all the construction companies and other friends of Abe have gotten their government handouts and payoffs, that all this talk about “2021 or never” is so that when the games are canceled next spring, the Japanese government can say, “See? We’re so smart. We predicted this.” And everyone can go count their money. Except the hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops that ‘aren’t’ friends of Abe.

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So will the Olympics hels in 2021 still be called the "2020 Olympics"?

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Olympics have definitely taken a back seat for me. How many times do we need to read about “2021 or never” articles?

it’s possible, likely, probable, discussed, confirmed.....

enough already. Spend our tax money fighting the virus and actually HELPING people who have lost their jobs, who can’t sleep at night because they do t know how they’ll survive going forward

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There is so much going on in the world now. There are so many critical conversations and social transitions taking place. I think the Olympics should be cancelled to allow for funds, time, infrastructure, mindspace and political will to be directed towards making changes in society that will help make this world a better place. The time just isn't right for a wasteful celebratory event like the Olympics.

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If this pandemic doesn't get under control, it could be the end for the Olympics in general as well as other international sporting events. But I suspect that Tokyo will hold the event come hell or high water regardless of a second 3rd 4th wave or whatever. that's my prediction.

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NO PROVEN ANTIDOTE for Corona Virus, NO OLYMPIC. This is to avoid loss of lives.

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You really need to stop using BIG letters, Tara Yan Kitaoka and stop being such a drama Queen. You are the king of one liners but offer no solution or answer to anything Covid-19 related than to shut down everything. There isn't going to be a vaccine, let alone an antidote for a long long time.

Personally believe that the chance of the Olympics taking place are is very 50/50 in any case, and agree with Aly, all these big events are in line for big changes. But - there will be a solution, wish I knew what it was!

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I kind of feel like Japan is taking it in the shorts from the IOC.

We’ve done everything they asked, we spent $25 billion in public and private funds, how come we are not first in line when it’s safe regardless of if that’s 2021, 2022, or whenever?

i know the decision has been made. Just thinking out loud.

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The show must go on.

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I kind of feel like Japan is taking it in the shorts from the IOC.

japan took it in the shorts the day it decided to host the games, colossal waste of money, covid19 has just exacerbated this loss

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Heard this kind of not-so-veiled threat before, and as with that time, when it becomes "never, then!" you'll hear a quick, "Well... ummm... how about 2022 or another time? Surely we can do it SOME time! When we said 2021 or never, we didn't mean 'never'. You misunderstood!"

In any case, it should be never. Not just because the world isn't ready, but because the Olympics should change anyway.

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I kind of feel like Japan is taking it in the shorts from the IOC.We’ve done everything they asked, we spent $25 billion in public and private funds

We? What do you mean by we? We didn't do anything - except pay for this boondoggle. Abe and Co. did plenty, and they have already got their prizes. Which is to say, profit earned on the taxpayers' losing investment.

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PLS forget abt this !!!!!.save human lives.

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