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Japan advances to baseball gold medal game


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Congratulations to Japan, and good sportsmanship on both sides at the end.

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Korea played a pretty good game until they were shutdown in the 7th and started making petty complaints like “the pitcher is using too much rosin powder.” Itoh reacted by exaggeratingly blowing excess powder from his hands.

They also used their last challenge on a stolen base that was not worth it.

They completely fell apart when the first baseman lost his footing and gave up what should have been an easy out. They protested that the runner was going for second base, although he clearly raised his arms in celebration after stepping on the plate and at no point did he turn toward second.

The deal was sealed when they walked and four-balled two batters, setting themselves up for Yamada and loaded bases.

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I am so nervous for saturnday. I have been disapointed a few times in some of sports in these recent days when i though we could win but ultimately lost. Is such a nerve wrecking moment when you see Japan go undefeated throughout all the baseball matches but then something might happen at the very last match. When something goes too smooth, you always feel the pressure more when the final match arrive.

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Japanese athletes perform so well until they reach the crucial point, then they just give up for some reasons. Really sad.

Oh well, hope they gather enough courage to beat the US tomorrow.

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Here comes the Gold for Japan! Maybe Korea should have eaten some food from Fukushima, it might have helped.

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