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Health minister says it is too early to talk about canceling Olympics


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Wow! In depth reporting!

3 sentences, nothing to see here.

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It’s quite likely the virus will die off as winter finishes.

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too early to talk about canceling Olympics

Says a man who is literally talking about cancelling the Olympics.

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Why hasn't anyone really talked about simply doing it as planned in Tokyo but in the summer of 2021?

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It is too early to cancel the Olympics, though. I'm sure there is an internal conversation going on but odds are the virus will be mostly gone by the summer and cancelling them before it warms up would be an enormous risk and would basically blow a hole into Japan's already stagnate economy. They're right to wait.

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Better to move to next year instead of canceling or moving to a different city. In case of moving to a different city it is not guaranteed that the virus will not spread to that city till Olympic. Also will athletes and visitors from areas affected by the virus will be banned if moved to a different location?

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Sadly, most likely Tokyo 2020 is not going ahead. Its simply not worth the risk - lets remember the millions coming from winter nations will be bringing in Covid-19 unless a vaccine has been developed, tested and produced by May/June.

Tokyo 2021. Make it happen!

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I think if they canceled the olympics it wouldn't happen for another 4 years.

They are trying to avoid canceling the Olympics because it will place it in the spotlight the true financial blackhole that the Olympics is. The host city and host coubtry would be hit with a massive amount of debt. Also, companies that had numerous types of bookings would be faced with the difficult task of either refunding money or facing an onslaught of litigation from multiple sides. If the olympics are canceled. Every hotel booking, car booking, party room booking, and so forth becomes a potential debt crisis that the city and government has to deal with.

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Decision has been already made. Olympics are going to be moved to UK.

If Governor Koike says It's okay and let London have 2020 Olympics, then Japan stays away from it, I wonder London can prepare everything for all games. Only 5 months away. It seems impossible to get ready for all buildings, stadium, tickets, advertisements, TV broadcasting right,,,,,,,too many things they have to do before it begins. Host country usually takes 4 years to get everything done. 5 months is impossible from now.

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Gone from there is no plan B to thinking about it

0 ( +1 / -1 ) London mayoral candidate saying London was ready to host the games if needed.

Isnt the Corona virus in london too? Political showboating. Could just delay Olympics as others have suggested. Countries without any Corona virus are like Bolivia and Zimbabwe. Definitely not japan. ;)

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This virus is less lethal than the flu.

Statistics, please.

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It’s quite likely the virus will die off as winter finishes.

From what I’ve read, that is the hope but I’ve not heard a scientific consensus describing it as ‘quite likely’.

As for London ‘stepping in’, that idea was floated by a clown running for London Mayor while behind in the polls. This idiot is not to be taken seriously.

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If Japan gets travel bans from the big countries over the next few weeks (US, Europe etc) that will seal it. Even if the warmer weather kills off the virus and travel bans are lifted, it will be too late for the olympics unfortunately. Postponing it to 2021 may not work either. What if COVID 20 emerges next winter...too risky. Just refund the tickets and lets move on to Paris 2024.

Japan did a great job of building the infrastructure and being ready for the Games. In a wealthy city of 30 million those venues won't be wasted.

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@savethegaijin thank you. And just when I thought that the health minister was the only voice of reason regarding this issue.

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And I don’t know why so many people were talking about canceling the Olympic games this far out. I mean as someone else pointed out, it’s still like five months away, so it’s way too early to start talking about whether or not the Olympics should be canceled.

I mean I get that the virus spread much quicker than people thought, but to talk about canceling the Olympics five months out, and we have way more than enough time to get this under control. I mean that’s mass hysteria if I ever saw it!

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If they cancel the Olympics at least people can get diagnosed and receive treatment.

Now if you catch it and get severe disease, you can only wait at home for death as no hospitals will receive you, as they always ask you for the hotline but the hotline never provides you directions, and always refuse provide the facility for treatment.

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Redel,it will be winter in the southern hemisphere, when it Sumner in Japan people will get their seasonal flu there

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Statistics, please.

Go to the CDC's website and see for yourself, please. :)

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As for London ‘stepping in’, that idea was floated by a clown running for London Mayor while behind in the polls. This i---t is not to be taken seriously.

Was it lord buckethead?

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