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tokyo 2020 olympics

Britain's Jason Kenny makes Olympic history with keirin gold


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Jason Kenny became Britain's most decorated Olympian ....... breaking a tie with Chris Hoy with his seventh gold medal and a stalemate with Bradley Wiggins with his ninth overall.

They knighted Hoy and Wiggins for their medal hauls, they're going to have to make Kenny take a knee too (not the taking of a knee that oddly annoys some people)

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Congratulations !! to Jason Kenny on his GOLD !!

What a great couple from the U.K. !!

Laura Kenny also got her share of Tokyo’s GOLD !!

Now, we’re wishing her a, no pun intended, ‘speedy’ recovery !!

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Oh my god, Kenny killed it!

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Oh my god, they ‘almost’ killed Kenny!

Laura’, that is. @Some dude 3:26p.

Nasty above-eye laceration but she’ll heal and

they’ll always look great together.

Go !! Team KENNY !! GOLD !!

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Great athlete.

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*Jennifer Valente** gave the hard-luck American cycling team a gold medal when she got up from a crash in the omnium-ending points race to hang on to her lead, *

More gold for Team USA! Well done lass! Well done!

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Congratulations to Jason and the GB team as a whole. To come 4th in the table with 22 golds - more than double the tally of any other European country - is a magnificent achievement. And to think we could so easily have won another 4 or 5! Great effort lads, you did the nation proud. I foresee a few well-deserved gongs coming up ...

And well done too, of course, to Japan, with a great home team performance. Thank you for hosting these Olympics in such difficult circumstances.

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More gold for Team USA! Well done lass! Well done!


Well done Jason Kelly. Obviously kept himself in shape when you look at his longevity.

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*Oops, Kenny.

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