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McIlroy, Thomas, Rahm excited for Olympic golf


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Stay home boyz. Act like men or at least display a vestige of your humanity and have the courage to demand No Olympics during a pandemic - in a country where an overwhelming majority oppose the Olympics due to health reasons.

The poohbah, at Toyota, said there is negativity directed at the Olympic athletes - not true - there is anger directed at the IOC and the folks in the Japanese central government who ignore the 'will of the people'. BUT. If wealthy athletes begin to exercise a sense of entitlement and a need to butter their ego - go do it elsewhere. And, indeed there will be resentment against athletes who participate and ignore the opposition of the citizens of Japan.

And. Great! You are considering bringing your family. How dumb are these people?

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If they want to decrease the number of athletes coming, get rid of golf and tennis. We can watch those sports year-round. No need for them at the Olympics.

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But no mention of the many golfers that have already pulled out next to Westwood.

athletes are slowly declining to come to Tokyo.

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"No, it's certainly not going to be the authentic Olympic experience that you would normally get, but it's the times that we're living in," McIlroy said. "No different than when you go over and play a tournament in Asia anyway. You see the golf course and the hotel and that's sort of it."

Many Athlets are thinking like that.

They already accept the different situation of this year Olympics.

And as long as it is like that, the Olympic will take place.

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Golf is more like bowling. Need to have your beer levels just right for the best game.

All the professional golfers have been vaccinated. Little risk to anyone, including themselves. The only reason they'd stay home was due to optics, nothing to do with safety.

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