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58% in Japan interested in Olympics but don't want them to happen: poll


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what happened to the 80% who didn't want them a couple of days ago? Now all of a sudden its just 58%??

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20,000 plus people from EVERY country in the world with an Olympic team about to turn for several weeks - check.

Covering EVERY possible variant of the coronavirus currently circulating the planet. - check.

A country that has no laws to enforce restrictions such as mask wearing. - check.

A population and business community that doesn’t want the games this year. - check.

FGS, cancel the 2021 Olympic Games!

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The amount of actual thought process that goes into these polls is limited at best. You can pretty much design any question that will almost guarantee the token generic desired response.

Having said that though, has any leader actually made the case to the public effectively for the reasons why the Olympics can, should and will happen? If they looked the camera in the eye and used some serious oratory skills I’m sure people would come around, but it’s dry, scripted and far from pulling at the heart strings of the nation.

Until then it’ll be the GoTo “We will do our best to....” and “we are consulting experts “ narrative. Luke warm in a time that message should be sizzling hot. This is why support is so low, it’s a leadership issue.

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No contradiction, there...

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I'm sure even the media chuckles when they report results from polls. Polls carry little weight because they are often used for political propaganda.

Would 91% want fans limited or eliminated if there was little risk of new hospitalizations and deaths? Do people know that there were fewer deaths in Japan in 2020 vs, 2019? Is there any proof that travelers to Japan, with its strict travel guidelines in place, led to an increase in COVID?

Frankly, I think you can make a stronger case that the stadiums should be completely filled in July.

I think this or any other news site should explain why the Olympics should not be held, if that is what it believes. Explain in detail the benefit vs. the harm of cancelling the Games and how you arrived at that conclusion.

But don't lean on these phony polls, because they only reflect what the media wants.

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in fact

there will be no olympics in Tokyo this year

completely does not matter abt what fabricated % "support" is published

lets solve and erase covid first


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After all the new women were appointed, I think we can assume they are being set up to fail....i.e. the decision not to hold the Olympics has already been taken by the powers that be.

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Bernarad; the word through the grapevine with the various sports federations etc is that they are deadly serious about making it happen, and public opinion and commentaries aside, the big wheels are well in motion. With corona numbers not spiking and restrictions being lifted it’s full steam ahead. They just need to get the right message out pronto. We need that rally call to the nation though, someone!

We shall not let this virus beat us, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall run in the mountains!! That sort of thing. Anyone that can make that speech will effectively go down in history in a time of confusion and crisis. Impossible is nothing! Ikeru!!

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Yet the same respondents have no issue going out shopping, eating, working, riding on the trains in an uncontrolled environment. The entire "State of Emergency" in my opinion has been a joke, the only emergency I find myself many days is trying to run to the restaurant before 8pm when they have to shutdown. Go out in Tokyo everyday and ask "What emergency?"

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what happened to the 80% who didn't want them a couple of days ago? Now all of a sudden its just 58%??

Because "95 percent of polling is made up" - Abraham Lincoln

Joking aside you can pose any question and depending on how it's asked and to who and how you report it you'll get the result you want. Look at Trump and Fox News.

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An overwhelming majority of Japanese said they were "interested in the Olympics", although 58% said they did not want them to be held this year 

Is that 58% of those that were "interested" or 58% of the total asked ( including the ones that "weren't interested )? As many point can phrase a question and selectively manipulate data any which way to get the headline you want.

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@Happy: The smaller a population becomes the less deaths you have. Simple!

Damn, that 80% opposed sure nosedived in 4 days.

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majority of Japanese said they were "interested in the Olympics", although 58% said they did not want them to be held this year because of fears over COVID-19

uuhhhh, what?

I'm interested in a paycheck, but I don't want to do work.

I'm interested in going to Russia, to see the sights, but I don't want to travel.

I'm interested in eating cake and ice cream, but I don't want to buy them.

I'm interested in seeing a bomb explode, but I don't want it to happen.

I'm interested in logic, but I have no idea what that is.

I'm interested in contradictions, but I want to be logical.

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Guys, stop worrying, I got my e-mail from TOKYO2020 regarding the Olympics, They will provide...

"Two original face covers (masks), provided by ASICS

 ・A portable hand sanitizer, provided by the Nippon Foundation Volunteer Support Center"

Now I feel 10000% safe!

/end eye roll.

Japan should have been the #1 country to fight for the vaccine shots.. Instead? Last of the G7 to approve it. By the time the Olympics happen, I bet less than 20% of all japan will have been vaccinated.

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there will be no olympics in Tokyo this year

Yes there will. You watch. It's been decided. They'll hold them no matter what the consequences. It's about saving face and satisfying their dentsu masters.

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Agree @Tora - The Olympics will be on !

All those who want it canceled, don’t let the door hit you on the way out of Tokyo.

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I'm interested in the Olympics not being held.

I hate tax waste. I hate graft. I hate phony platitudes designed to enrich fat cats.

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what happened to the 80% who didn't want them a couple of days ago? Now all of a sudden its just 58%??


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WHO changed the COVID testing guidelines the day Biden got into office and now the cases are dropping like a rock worldwide.

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