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1,649 Tokyo Games attendees have already entered Japan under eased quarantine rules


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Of those, 1,432, including athletes for test events and broadcasting personnel, were exempted from Japan's 14-day self-quarantine requirement.

Ask the japanese people to “stay home” and be careful, but thousands of athletes coming from all over the world can come and not go through a strict quarantine.


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Serious question: WTF are you doing Japan?

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under special exceptional circumstances, with the most receiving relaxed self-quarantine requirements, the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee said Monday.

wow! hope the virus doesn't get transmitted by people y under special exceptional circumstances...

> Serious question: WTF are you doing Japan?

No one knows. Not even those in power know.

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Any sense of logic is totally gone.

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Absolute BULL. Why dont they have to do the 14 day quarantine be the rest of us do??? DOUBLE STANDARD!

30 ( +31 / -1 )

I cancelled my trip back home because of their stupid quarantine rules but media gets a free pass??? The government treats their tax payers like crap!

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Everyone should call the health department and complain!

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For one part this is a drop in the bucket for the number of cases inside of the country, the real risk comes from the very limited control the government is doing on the domestic transmission.

But on the other side this makes it very evident that the supposedly strict measures that the organizers were supposed to put for the games are not really strict at all, so having cases and transmission because of the games is not a question of "if" but of "how much".

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"These people were allowed to engage in their work in restricted areas of movement and modes of transportation after a three-day quarantine..."

It's important to understand that clear "bubbles" of movement were already set up which create a type of quarantine. These people are NOT allowed to go wherever they want to go.

People are way overreacting without understanding the situation.

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Absolute BULL. Why dont they have to do the 14 day quarantine be the rest of us do??? DOUBLE STANDARD!

I doubt anyone is doing a 14 day quarantine.

-11 ( +2 / -13 )

Let 'the quarrel games" begin!

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I seriously don't understand why the Japanese haven't grabbed the pitchforks yet. I blame the Japanese government and the sheeple equally for this discrimination against the citizens here. Absolutely zero effort to hold the government responsible for this. SMH

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Welcome to you all - I think I saw some broadcasting crew in a rather well know Australian owned Restaurant in Ginza last week. Good to see them supporting the food and beverage industry too which is close to collapse.

If there have been no + positive results after 14 days then why does anybody have a problem with them being here? Really don't understand.

-12 ( +2 / -14 )

So there you have it. The IOC and the Central Government are full of rubbish.

Just as we all knew they have been all along.

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There you have it peasants. Shut up, pay your taxes, stay home, and do as you are told. We have Olympics to hold. Eventually we will get around to your health needs. Until then be good little plebes and do as we say.

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Thought the athletes were supposed to come in, compete and then get the (insert profanity of choice here) out right after! WT..... Never knew any would be allowed in still months before the games start. Unless this some kind of new revision of the harsh rules from a few weeks ago? Are they having to quarantine for 14 days???

Totally confused. Can somebody clear this up for me? A lot of questions!

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So countries with low positive rate and infection number than Japan are on red list splitting families, in some cases families with kids who need to get back to continue treatment for serious life threatening illness are not eligible for an exemption under special circumstances but people related to Olympics do.

I am really happy that the way Japan handled covid and treated hard working, tax paying foreigners with xenophobic attitude without any shame has made it an easy decision to leave Japan for good.

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And at the same time, students, researchers, employees, etc. who have been empolyed during last year still can't enter Japan, while the universities/institutes/companies who employed them lose a lot of money and man power.

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Some have sure returned back to their countries after the test events before coming back again this summer.

Did they download the Cocoa appli ?

Why do residents do not have eased quarantine after PCR tests.

Shame on you Japan !

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Let’s say “Hello” to more covid variants, then.

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This is just all so confusing, I'm just not going to say anything that we all already know except that Japan is just all over the place, all over it, and the more they seem to try and do the right thing, it just gets worse. My best advice to the leaders would be, get the pulse of the people, find out what the masses want, never try and do a dozen things at a time, you're just going to disappoint a lot of people.

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If these people are not even quarantining for 14 days.

Why are they here so early?

Do they really need 6-8 weeks to settle in?

So much for making olympic personal come in and leave ASAP.

I guess that was a lie. It’s not like we haven’t heard any of those in the last couple of years.

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Amazing, dropping the quarantine for the olympic folks while under a state of emergency. Money talks and the LDP is listening. Japanese residents, not so much,

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They care nothing for the people only their own pockets and well being.

Here is proof , and that ONE heavy handed mod will delete this for being off topic or offensive or some other make believe thing.

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I doubt anyone is doing a 14 day quarantine.

My husband and I did. We both were able to work remotely, so aside from getting groceries delivered promptly (the waitlists were 3+ days), it wasn’t a big problem.

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It's fine to attack or tease the host Tokyo/Japan....then what about Australia? Isn't the government really responsible for health of its national team and people?

Or is such privilege even fair to all? The country technically bans international travelling, or requires its citizens to get an exemption to go abroad. Even foreign residents not requiring an exemption would still have their documents checked and be told to show proof of their foreign residency before going onboard.

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Would be hard to test positive if they are vaccinated

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They should be kicked out of the country, 80% of Japan's population is against their presence here.

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The mega super spreader has started.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to Japan. I wholeheartedly welcome.

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