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Naomi Osaka conflicted over holding Tokyo Olympics


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So she is sitting on the fence...... Gotta keep those sponsors happy!

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“At the end of the day I’m just an athlete and there’s a whole pandemic going on,” Osaka said.

Set a good example Miss Osaka and skip the Olympics- or just admit your virtue signaling is insecure and go for the money. Oh, I mean gold medal (well, it’s the same thing I guess). Can’t have principles when their are huge mounds of cash on the line.

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So exactly what is the risk?

Mass sporting events have been taking place in parts of the world for almost a year now, with no issues.

Tokyo has had an opportunity to learn from them and will have stringent safeguards in place.

Japan has managed COVID better than many countries, with a declining mortality rate last year.

Osaka is programmed to say politically correct things, but which could have no basis in science.

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Yet she'll still serve the ball on the orders of her corporate masters.

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On this one, she’s ‘straddling the centre line’.

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@Happy Day

Please let us know what mass sporting event has taken place in the last year which has the magnitude and level of international travel which is equivalent to the Olympics.

I do not know if you are actually living here in Japan but if you have been following the news you would realize the cases are increasing, the severe hospitilizations are increasing, the deaths are increasing, and in Kobe and Osaka people are quite literally dying at home because they cannot enter a hospital.

Couple that with the fact that 70-80% of the Japanese citizens do not want the games this year and it seems this is a poor choice.

Regardless of Ms. Osaka's motives at least she put something out there. If she were to actually boycott and refuse to attend indicating she respects the wishes of her fellow citizens (assuming she has maintained such citzenship) it would speak volumes, result in cancellation, and likely she would be seen as a person of principal and I would predict her popularity in Japan would increase in dramatic and tangible fashion.

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Let’s hope she continues sharpening her skills, equally practicing both her backhand and forehand, always covering both sides of the court.

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Let’s hope she continues sharpening her skills, equally practicing both her backhand and forehand, always covering both sides of the court.

She has turned out to be very talented at speaking out of both sides of her mouth. Me thinks she learned her lesson when she withdrew from a major tourniment citing BLM issues and was highly encourged to jump back in by her sponsors, which she did of course. Its all about money after all!

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She's hesitant because of BLM which she supports....then don't attend.

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Miss Osaka is a very selfish young women with interest only in what advances her career and public image. She is entitled to do that. However sad a view on life that might be

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Readers, there is no need to insult Osaka. Too much of that is appearing in these discussions, just as it did with Rikako Ikee the other day. If you disagree with someone, then please do so without insulting them.

It's always fun to see a 23 year-old tennis player pandering to the corporate sponsors and Woke Folks.... anything that makes a dollar. The young lady is very talented, but politics and sports do not mix.

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She's hesitant because of BLM which she supports....then don't attend.

That's what I was thinking. She didn't say much, until news that BLM expressions weren't allowed at the Olympics. Why on earth is she so involved in the matters of a foreign country? It's not as if she's American (asterisk) or using it as a platform to highlight racism in her own country.

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Do the right thing Naomi-don’t come!

4 ( +5 / -1 )

It's quite simple. Money will talk.

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Sorry, athletes, but your dreams are not more important than people's lives.

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Naomi Osaka is an exceptionally gifted tennis professional.

Also politically opinionated, with a social media platform to express that opinion forcefully.


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@ Lamilly Well said. All Osaka has done is present the facts. There are two sides to the argument. The athletes hopes and lifelong aspirations on one side and significant concerns for their health and safety on the other. Those also extend to the host country, its citizens and the spectators. Of course, in the end a choice will have to be made. But to call her out or disparaging speculation about her motives for not taking a stand at this point is not warranted.

At this point her comments are reflective and an honest assessment of the situation. August is some time away. During that interval the issue may be decided for her and the Olympics cancelled. Whatever the call made by the IOC, when it comes then there may be a burden of choice on Osaka. Not before.

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*“But I think that there’s so much important stuff going on, and especially the past year,” Osaka added. “I think a lot of unexpected things have happened and if it’s putting people at risk, and if it’s making people very uncomfortable, then it definitely should be a discussion, which I think it is as of right now.*” WELL SAID!

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I think the Tokyo Olympics should wait a little while longer because Naomi Osaka is right you can't force anyone to get vaccinated so what's to stop them from going to this event. I think the people in charge of this decision should choose wisely because if they do decide to proceed some peoples health could be at risk. Especially if they haven't been vaccinated a lot of people lives and health could be at risk at this Tokyo Olympics event. Maybe even the athletes, the people in the stands or bleaches, the coaches, or anybody else who haven't taken this vaccine could be at risk or let's say they did what about everybody else who hasn't. I feel like if they did decide to proceed they should at least have a virtual live. People can still purchase the tickets online and still watch it that way. They won't be there in person, but at least they can watch it live and safe. That way the athletes can be vaccinated and ready to play. But that's just my opinion, other people may feel different about the situation.

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Naomi-san, want to make a difference...then don't participate. You're are still young, vigorously talented, and can generate substantial profits without the Tokyo Olympics. Do the right thing.

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