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Olympic anxiety leaves Japanese sponsors counting the cost

By Etienne BALMER

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OlympicsOlympic anxiety leaves Japanese sponsors counting the cost.

There needs to be MORE pressure and MORE campaigns going into cancelling the Olympics.

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"I would advise staying focused on support of the athletes,"

Yes. That's the point. Niche athletes are chronically short of funds, and events such as the Olympics are a chance to gather enough funds to continue training.

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"I would advise staying focused on support of the athletes,"

...well he would (say that) wouldn't he? [thanks yet again Mandy R-D]

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As someone else said it’s a marketing opportunity for companies NOT supporting the Olympics. “This is our product and we don’t support the Olympics” But try getting that on the government controlled media.

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Toyota last month acknowledged public "concern" and said it was worried that "some people's frustration is directed toward athletes".

That's rich. as if Toyota and the LDP had any consideration for the welfare of athletes.

Japan Inc. and the LDP are slighlty concerned the public's frustration would be directed at THEM. And in a just world it would be.

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More limited-wording is to the actual point: “Olympic anxiety leaves Japanese counting the cost

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It is a fact that Japanese businesses will loose tons of money. I wonder how companies after the Olympics will try to pass the costs onto the public to make up this windfall.

Of course, the IOC does not care as long as the Olympics is held because they get 100% of the broadcasting rights around the world. They will make a profit, regardless unless it is cancelled.

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In another, almost weekly plea: ‘Please feel sorry for Japanese billionaires & corporations’ who gambled with taxpayer’s money, and lost. - ‘They’ have anxiety as they are driven about their domain. -

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If I was a sponsor, I'd be pulling my money.

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And in a sign of the rising disquiet, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper -- itself a sponsor of the Games -- last week broke ranks to call for a cancelation.

But the outlet never quit a partner while its stories are still promoting the Games for example by featuring qualified athletes. Double-mouth.

As top sponsor/organizer, Asahi also never wants to call off "Koshien" high school baseball championship to be held in August (prefectural level qualifiers in June-July) despite another infectious risk. Hypocrite.

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Some business leaders who are not involved with the Games have been even more forthright, with e-commerce giant Rakuten's CEO Hiroshi Mikitani calling the event a "suicide mission".

That's exactly what it is.

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"I would advise staying focused on support of the athletes,"

Has any athlete come forward to say:

"I support Japan and their problems with this virus. Therefore I will not attend the Olympics since if I did go, it would put deeper strain on their already stressed doctors, nurses and medical system, and my attendance would only make the overall situation worse for the Japanese people, not better."

What, no athlete says this?

Then they, along with the IOC, sponsors, and int'l sports federations, are just as culpable.

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I better get out of Japan before they increase the income tax to 15%. They will, you just wait.

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The Olympics have been completely exposed as a pure money making scam by the IOC and sponsor companies, with total disregard for the communities they take place in.

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As a sponsor, we are truly distressed by that," said communications director Jun Nagata. "We are agonizing every day about what should be done.

Sponsors had more than one year to see the obvious reality of the pandemic, they choose to bet for profits and greed, they are now reaping the products of that choice.

"I suspect that sponsors are still trying to figure out how to convey recognition of Covid-19 while also communicating the inspirational sports stories," he told AFP. "It's not an easy mix of messages to accomplish. But that doesn't mean it should be avoided.

It would be much easier if they did not choose to support something with a realistic risk of becoming a superspreader event, there are many inspirational stories to promote that do not have to be paid with an increase of risk for the pandemic.

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Not a single Olympic logo on my cup of Meiji yogurt this morning, even though they are an official "Gold Partner" sponsor and there's less than two months to go before the start of the games. Interesting how that works out...

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None of these sponsors should have supported these Games to begin with since it was a money grab using the Tohoku disasters as a ploy on sentiment. Shame on them and they get no sympathy from me.

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You’d think most companies would’ve pulled out last March or April, 2020.

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"Around 60 Japanese companies plowed a record $3.3 billion into the event" the true reason the Olympics are still being forced to continue.

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The sponsors have a voice and should have used it instead of sit up, be quiet whenever Dentsu tells them

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Do not purchase any product or service from companies that remain silent on the Olympics. The local medical community has made their announcement in Japan and basically they are saying the Olympics is a super spreader event that may even spawn new variations of the virus. So there could be a Tokyo 2021 variant later this year. Companies need to be punished for not breaking out from the pack and sheepishly leading Japan and her citizens to a fifth wave or worse. See the company list below.

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Those poor multinational corporations

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In 1964 the Olympics made the world stand in awe of the achievements of the Japanese and Japan. In that order.

my big fear is that, if we organise in 2021 the world will see how far Japan has fallen since the late 80s and continues to fall.

that could be the single most detrimental result of the Games. In 2022 we might be able to brush it under the carpet

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Toyota needs to show leadership and break ranks. Right now they appear to want to have it both ways...

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GOJ doing an outstanding job in public debt. Best of success with IOC and sponsors.

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zurcroniumToday  11:43 am JST

Interesting to note there's been no sponsor "News" since August last year;

Lying low as well they should, IF they had an ounce of business acumen.

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The Olympics are toxic. I wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.

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There is a kind of interesting dynamic playing behind the scenes which you can sort of glimpse in this article. Differing parts of corporate Japan have interests which are coming into fundamental conflict with each other over the Olympics.

On the one hand the companies sponsoring the games have an interest in trying to salvage something from their investment in the games, otherwise it is money flushed down the toilet. The only real value they can get now is through advertising on TV broadcasts of the games. This will mainly be a benefit for Japanese companies that operate internationally rather than domestically at this point. Toyota can advertise its cars to a global audience so it has something to gain. The Asahi Shinbun only caters to the domestic market. It can still advertise on domestic TV of course, but the games are so tainted in the eyes of the Japanese public that they risk reputational harm from doing so. In that context its not hard to undertsand why they've distanced themselves from the games while other sponsors haven't.

Then you've got the companies that had no part in sponsoring the games whatsoever and really all they see now is that the games pose a threat of causing further shutdowns. So its not surprising that Rakuten, Softbank, etc are really arguing hard against them, its all downside risk and no benefit at all for them!

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That has nothing to do with the pandemic or anxiety. They should have thought about it beforehand, as sponsoring such type of a mafia usually always damages a company, the image and / or financially.

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I better get out of Japan before they increase the income tax to 15%. They will, you just wait.

Income tax is calculated in brackets, from 5% up to 45%

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DariusJune 2 08:17 am JST

I better get out of Japan before they increase the income tax to 15%. They will, you just wait.

I'd be well happy with 15% income tax!

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