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Olympic gold medalist Chopra returns to India as superstar


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Desi Variant has developed with that crowd.

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As a addictive sports fan and a lifelong fitness fanatic living in Mumbai sincerely hope that Neeraj.Chopra's gold medal at Tokyo 2020 is the beginning of renaissance in Indian track and field events.We Indians are otherwise totally devoted to the sport of " CRICKET" and most cricketers are dollar multimillionaires through the sport.Hope in future besides Neeraj.Chopra Indian track and field has a few athletic dollar millionaires, once considered a dream before Neeraj.Chopra got India its first Olympic gold medal in " Track & Field".

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Can you not wear your mask more incorrectly?

"Let's all wear masks and meet the Gold Medalist but let's put them under our chins. Oh, and get close to, touch my body and breathe all over me."

Gee, I wonder how the delta variant spread so quickly over there.

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Good luck to India.

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Advantage of being from a country starved of Olympic success.

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Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra will inspire youngsters to take up the javelin event seriously. Other medal events for India could be a shorter version of cricket like T10 and Kabaddi if and when included, women and men's hockey, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, shooting, badminton, tennis, etc. Serious work for Paris 2024 needs to begin. Sooner the better. In between there are the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, and the South Asian Games. Sports infrastructure in Bangalore, Odisha, Goa, Delhi, and across the country has seen remarkable improvement. India has talent and enthusiasm to take her rightful place among the top sporting communities in the world. Good luck.

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