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Olympic history in cartoons details how games defies threats


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“I think in the end the (Tokyo) games will be remembered for the great sporting performances.”

Screw that, I WILL be remembering all this BS and I’m pretty sure most people here will too. I doubt any other Japanese city will be bidding for an Olympics ever again either (well, maybe I am overestimating the intelligence of some city mayors with that prediction).

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I wonder who financed the publication? Another one of the old boys club closing ranks.

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Great stuff, the Olympics will go on despite negativity from those with a twisted agenda.

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Basically Payne is saying the IOC has evolved into an organization that has learned to ignore societies regardless of the threats to a nation.

Is that what the Olympic Games have become? — a tone deaf marketing machine?

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The “Olympic Destroyer” hack during the Pyeongchang opening ceremony was traced to Russian intelligence services disguised to seem to have come from North Korea.

Wow, they're even selling out North Korea and doing the opposite of reducing the tension between North and South Korea. There could've been a war

Although the 2014 Sochi Olympics are infamous for Russian doping, Payne tells a lighter story of officials wanting to make the airport seem more lively when an IOC inspection team arrived.

Hundreds of actors were hired to appear as airport staff and travelers when the Olympic delegation passed through to visit the city and region that was getting a $50 billion makeover for the Winter Games, he said.

Lol, the lengths people do to put up a facade

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LoL…that's right IOC, animate your way through with total disregard to societal health and welfare!

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