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Olympic medalists get OK to pose for mask-less photos


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Good, was a ridiculous rule.

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Hours later, the rules were amended while still following scientific advice, the IOC said.

"Scientific advice"

Ask 5 scientists about masks and you'll get 6 different theories.

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For individual photos, I can understand but as group photos? No

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All of the group photos for school yearbooks have been maskless since the start of this pandemic. I always shake my head. They laugh and talk etc.

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Congratulations to Hifumi & Uta Abe, sibling Gold medal winners! -

Now stop ‘biting those medals’ and posting it on Insta ! Don’t know where they’ve been or WHO handled them!

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Do sad-looking, rule-obeying, mask-wearing previous medals winners get a “do-over”?

That would seem ‘fair’, and …

it only takes 30 seconds ‘each’ to stage the photos again.

- “Medalists now have a 30-sec photo opp after the gold medalist’s national anthem is played to remove their masks while staying on their own podium step. “At no point during this limited time should the athletes be invited to join each other on the gold-medal platform,” the IOC said in a statement explaining the new rules.

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As expected, organizers are just ‘making it up as the go along’ contrary to their promises to the people of Japan.

Seeing the pushback, the IOC later agreed to ease its strict pre-Games rule designed to help protect against CoVid. “Victory ceremony protocol has been adapted to allow athletes to have an image for the media that captures their faces and their emotions during a unique moment in their sporting career,” the IOC said Sun. Earlier in the day, Olympic organizers were still urging medalists to obey all the original rules. “ -

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I hope they are all holding their breaths. Lol

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Sure, why not? They're leaving Japan, so take can take the virus back home. Not Japan's problem anymore, right?

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If you're done competing in Tokyo, I guess it wouldn't matter to you anymore

But if you still have more events, be wary that you don't get infected and lose out on your remaining chances for more medals

(It'd be so embarrassing and frustrating for any athlete to miss out on more medals getting infected on the podium, of all places lol)

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More indications that the Organizers’ promised “rulebook” was tossed aside by the athletes after crossing the initial hurdles from the airport to the village and/or hotels:

- “Some medalists on Sun ignored the order from organizers to wear masks for the entire podium ceremony.” - -
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Im vaccinated but I keep wearing the damn masks out of pure social pressure. Immediately pluck them off my face whenever I realize Im still wearing them after got into the car/home

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Hours later, the rules were amended while still following scientific advice, the IOC said.

Since the scientific advice according to the best available information is that the games are an unnecessary risk by default anything done while still holding the games means not following scientific advice.

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Ask 5 scientists about masks and you'll get 6 different theories

100% agree!

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The virus understands that it’s a special moment, and that’s all that’s needed to avoid rules.

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Ask 5 scientists about masks and you'll get 6 different theories

Hardly surprising. There’s still a lot we don’t know about this virus. Doesn’t take much to figure that one out...

In the mean time err on the side of caution, wear a mask, get vaccinated and follow the damn rules where they’re laid out such as at these farcical games. Simple.

IOC (by not enforcing rules) are making allowances that could impact the health/economic well-being of the residents of this country. Why is this? Where’s the useless MHLW on this? It’s their country after all... Not that I trust those idiots either to make a decision.

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Ask 5 scientists about masks and you'll get 6 different theories.

And ask them a couple of days later and you'll get 6 completely different theories....

I'm assuming that these pictures are more important to them than a meal at a restaurant, where people can take off their masks...

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Well, they’re all competing maskless against each other…

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