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Olympic torch relay to be barred from Osaka public roads: governor


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What does that mean? Are they going to run in circles in the courtyard of the local LDP HQ? Should be a showcase of humanities defeat of the virus.

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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga earlier said the Osaka relay had been canceled.” - a direct quote. *Then,** Yesterday’s Headline: “Tokyo 2020 says not true that Osaka leg of torch relay has been cancelled”. Constant miscalculations, continuous ‘spin’ - **It ‘no wonder’ the world cannot trust the government, the IOC, BIG business or, anyone and anything connected to these events.***

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It seems to be falling apart, one thing after another. Cancel it. Move on. The disgraceful bowing and apologies after the fact won't save face for Japan, where the political elite that's attached to the Olympics is already disgraced on the world's stage.

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I still do not understand why Japan has to stick to holding the Olympics. It is reckless. Human beings have not overcome the pandemic yet. Battles with the virus will last long.

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A lot of virtue signalling coming from the Governer of Osaka...

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Apparently everybody but the Olymptic committee is trying to cancel their part in the games.

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Probably end up with the torch being carried in some type of "open" car instead of someone running with it!

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It is very refreshing to see a person (Osaka Groverner) take leadership command.

Leadership command has been sadly lacking for years in Japan.

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I still do not understand why Japan has to stick to holding the Olympics.

Quite a simple answer really, ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥

Money means more than people's health and life!

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Kudos to Hashimoto for standing up and taking this position. If more mayors would follow suit it would be another way to send the message to the IOC / JOC that most of the citizens of Japan don’t want the games to go forward, especially now with this resurgence of cases.

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The Olympic torch relay will not be run on public roads in Osaka city given rising virus cases

Too dangerous to hold the torch relay in Osaka. Yet perfectly safe to hold the entire games in Tokyo? None of this makes sense.

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All panicky hypocrites yet they go to enclosed restaurants and bars. Outside why is it a problem lots of space. Those always opposed and chicken stay in your bubble.

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FINA just cancelled an important test event because athletes and federations did not want to come to Tokyo and slammed the organisors because of unacceptable lack of covid preparedness.

another gender scandal in the Torch relay and we are stil expecting a display of animal abuse having horses tortured pulling up iron sledge over 2 small hills. A disgrace

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This just gets more ridiculous by the day.

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Ah, that's very appropriate.

Now the relay will be kept out of the public eye. Much like the deals in back rooms which signed our tax revenue away for generations, and the accounts of where the money went, and the favours owed between public entities and the - ahem - "groups" which we all know control the construction industry, and the final bill. None of that information will be public, as long as water is wet.

This is the problem with selling something as a celebration of victory over adversity when no victory has happened. Fukushima is not recovered - despite Mario milking that emotional blackmail to and the bid in the first place. Mankind has not triumphed over Coronavirus, despite the lies of the JOC schills.

You can't celebrate something until it has happened.

Sadly, though, you can bill the taxpayers for the celebration.

Can we just pretend this nonsense five-ring circus already happened, and stop throwing more money at it?

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Just toss the torch in Osaka Bay and give up.

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Apparently everybody but the Olymptic committee is trying to cancel their part in the games.

You forgot the 4 US media outlets who are guaranteed 90% profits.

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Instead of postponing the Olympics for a year, they should have put it back 4 years.

That would have given time to sort out the virus world wide.

Another 4 years preparing would also have been better than meeting deadlines that might be hard to meet.


As i said before in other Olympics related posts, They should have the Olympics in the same place every year and avoid the expensive building that goes on and costs hosting countries billions more than first estimated.


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This is becoming Japan’s “the Emperor has no clothes” moment.

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Cancel the torch run and save lives. Cancel the Olympics and save more lives or admit that the Olympics are more important that people's health.

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cancel the games, use the insurance to pay down the losses everyone has endured. That's what insurance is for. Unless the games are being run by an insurnace company, then it's in their own interest to continue the charade

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"Rules already require spectators lining the relay route to wear masks and avoid cheering, and the organizers have said legs of the route could be cancelled if overcrowding occurs."

I am puzzeled by this statement, you wont know if it crowded until a few hours before or even a hour before a runner is about to pass by, so are the going to reroute a runer if the pavements are crowded? and how? will the police disperse the crowds? the tube trains are more crowded than some pavements.

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A lot of virtue signalling coming from the Governer of Osaka...

Or....maybe it's just, you know, virtue.

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Probably end up with the torch being carried in some type of "open" car instead of someone running with it!

The problem is not the runner. It's the crowds of people who will show up to watch the runner.

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If you go the torch relay so much , you should be occurred in secret without unnoticed date & rout in beforehand .

So then in the street crowd bubbling somewhat can be mitigated .

At this time be too late to do it suddenly . You are already presented for the schedule about any date & route happing or not in public.

Definitely someone media no allow to open the torch relay in secret schedule . In Osaka section can be cut off in fine tuning extent .

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Transport a runner , torch gathering by ship with no pass any roads.

But in waterfront sides are too much crowded in this method .

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Hey! I just came up with a great idea! Let's hold an Olympics Games in Tokyo during a global pandemic this summer!

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