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Women's soccer final rescheduled because of heat


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Olympic organizers said the switch was made "in order to continue to provide the best possible conditions for the players.."

Back when they had the unique chance to reschedule the Games last year, September and October we possible too.

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If the US had won and were playing Sweden, I wonder if NBC would have allowed the game to be rescheduled. They seem to be the ones who call the shots. But now that it won't matter to their ratings they allowed the game to be played at a safer time!

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Wow, they rescheduled! This is quite a feat at this stage of the tournament. Actually a good sign that some common sense is starting to prevail. Must’ve been a logistics nightmare so hats off!

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How ""gracious"" of nbc!

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If such timetable change is possible, so easily and unilaterally in a very short notice, why couldn't the entire Games be pushed back by only a few months to cooler autumn season? The previous 1964 Tokyo Games was held in October. By then the weather and public health situations would be better for all (oh, forget typhoons).

The majority of Japanese have already been frustrated at "Athlete First" favoritism at the expense of larger public interest. It turns out that even those top athletes and sport performance are largely sacrificed, their health comes under threat of local heatwave. Who really benefits?

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Woder if they can reschedule to an even worse time like the last rescheduling situation?

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They can actually reschedule a lot of the events. There are no spectators which makes it very easy to do.

They should have all the indoor (air conditioned) events done during the afternoon and most of the outdoor ones done early morning or evening.

IF they really are concerned about the athletes safety that is. It's not rocket science.

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All (must) serve solely NBC network and American viewers. Local Japanese broadcasters are forced to cancel or make a reschedule accordingly. The bronze medal playoff for men's football involving the Japanese team is forced to kick off 3 hours ahead of the original timetable.

TBS、サッカー女子決勝の放送中止決定 男子3決も時間変更…Eテレで中継

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All (must) serve solely NBC network and American viewers. 

Maybe some truth to that since nbc is a woke political left entity which is used to getting their way.

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I wonder how they discussed such issues many many centuries earlier, let’s say for example, at the original Olympics in old Greece’ permanent heat. lol

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To avoid a clash with the women's final, the men's bronze-medal match between host Japan and Mexico was brought forward two hours to kick off at 6 p.m. in Saitama.

So the match most Japanese want to watch will be starting when they are still finishing work or on their way home. Great job!

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Cool, something to watch on telly tonight.

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Canadian woman are the biggest complainers in the world. They have complained about volleyball uniforms but decided it was "appropriate" to wear skin tight butt showing yoga pants for softball. Wherever there isn't a problem and people from other countires figure out how to take responsibility and mange their own lives, there is a Canadian woman complaining and not using her own agency to figure out her own solution.

Come on Canada, you had a few months to plan ahead and freeze enough breast milk to be fed to your baby instead on stamping your feet and demanding an exception to bring your husband and baby to Tokyo. It is not rocket science but, I guess, nobody ever expected athletes to be brain surgeons.

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Good to see a bit of logic! It’ll all be over soon, thank god!

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