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Olympics addict who spent $40,000 on tickets left on the sidelines

By Hiroshi HIYAMA

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$40,000 for a ticket for the opening, seriously?

I guess the Olympic Spirit was just for a selected few then.

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He was not a profiteer but an altruist:

“Takishima had planned to give tickets to employees at his businesses who hadn't been to Olympics elsewhere.” -
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Deservedly so,

“Takishima will get his money back” -
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Perhaps the organizers could do something, even a card or a letter recognizing he tried unselfishly to help others in a true Olympic ‘spirit of fellowship’?

“but feels there's no compensation for losing the chance to cheer on Japanese athletes competing on home turf.” -

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When he gets his ticket refunded he won't have spent any. He wasn't an addict.

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Calling a passionated fan who spend many years of his life enjoying the games a addict is pretty rude.

Shame he could’t attend. If he had been fully vaccinated, i don’t see why the officials couldn’t allow some of the fans in. Many had sacrifice a lot to see the olympic happen. Especially volunteers and small businesses.

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Takishima said he was angry with organizers and the government for failing to find a way to let spectators into venues safely, especially given the vast crowds of commuters crossing Tokyo every day.

Had he been a foreign dignitary or related to a prime minister or similar then he would be in the stadium….

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I hope he could attend some events..

Cheer up !!..

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Olympics addict who spent $40,000 on tickets left on the sidelines

Not only him, people who reside in Japan where they already fund this olympics through their tax are being sidelined.

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How on earth did he managed to get his hands on that many tickets in the first place?

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Time to find a new hobby. Why donate your money to a corrupt organization whose aristocrats like Bach, Coe, Dick Pound and Coates live like Kings? ¥3,000,000 per night hotel rooms, ¥50,000 dinners every night, all paid for by the poor taxpayer.

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idiot lining Bach's pockets

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$40,000 for a ticket for the opening, seriously?

*"Kazunori Takishima spent $40,000 on tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Games..*."

*"With the Games finally in his home country, he snapped up 197 tickets for himself and others."*

Tickets. Plural. Including the actual number. It could not be any clearer.

Although, personally, I think even $200 is a bit much for a ticket to a sporting event. ($40k / 197 = $203)

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Since each applicant was limited to four tickets each to 10 events in total in the initial application (and fewer in the subsequent two applications), my guess is that he obtained these tickets with the assistance of others.

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snowymountainhellToday  07:11 am JST

Deservedly so, 

“Takishima will get his money back” -

Why do you insinuate that he will not receive a refund? Any source?

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The guy should follow high school athletics. It's a far purer form of competition. No doping, no rampant commercialization, no rich countries with special suits or special shoes.

The world's biggest football fans are not automatically obsessed with the Champions League. As the European Super League debacle showed, many actively reject it.

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Should have cashed in even ten fold from those propaganda and virus spreading fans. lol

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Another idiot!

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There are so many people who love the Olympics.

There are so many people suffering out there due to the greed of a selected few. You will derive so much happiness and satisfaction reaching out to them. A self centered fool who is only about himself and breaking some useless attendance record. Good riddance.

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