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British Olympic Association still trying to convince some athletes to get vaccinated


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Why didn't Japan make this a prerequisite for competing in these Games? It would've saved England and a whole lot of other nations, including Japan, a hell of a lot of headaches.

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Why didn't Japan make this a prerequisite for competing in these Games?

Hardly surprising, Japan has been perfectly fine with letting the games put the population of Tokyo at higher risk of infection, it would be natural that many other things that benefit the IOC would also be pushed against the interests of Japan.

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Why didn't Japan make this a prerequisite for competing in these Games?

Because the Olympics are supposed to be an event where diversity and inclusion is celebrated and welcomed.

Athletes should not be barred from competing because of their personal beliefs.

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Why is this even an issue? Are they even allowed to travel internationally without being vaccinated?

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This is a tough one.

I'm completely in favour of the vaccine, but can you force it on people?

Surely if they pass stringent daily testing (more than for usual travelers), and exist within a strict bubble (i.e. away from other athletes until the event), then in theory you could let them.

I would prefer however if they took it.

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UK currently has zero differentiation between vaccinated and non vaccinated people in terms of travel restrictions , quarantine or anything. If they are young and healthy can one blame them for not wanting to get vaccinated since they already have very high 9x% chance of not getting seriously ill or worse from the virus, which is higher than the protection of any vaccine anyhow. And finally if they did get vaccinated now there is not enough time to be fully vaccinated with two doses and time after second dose anyhow

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If you want to read some further pearls of wisdom from this latest character to join the roster, read this article:

If you multiply that kind of mindset by 206 countries, there is a recipe for disaster. It should not surprise anyone that they are like that, any more than you should be surprised if a python fancied having you for lunch.

So you have to take that into account when working out whether the Olympics are safe to hold or not. Here are a few gems from the great man himself to help the waverers make up their minds:

When asked if he feared similar cases (to the Ugandans testing positive) involving British athletes, Anson said: "I'd be a little naive if I said there weren't going to be.

I'm so relieved that you are not naive. I was worried this was just ignorance. I will sleep so much better tonight.

Anson confirmed that Team GB athletes would not need to quarantine for six days on arrival in Japan after the UK was added to Japan's travel 'red list' because of rising cases of the Delta variant. "We got in contact with the IOC and said that would be completely unfair. And they acknowledged that straight away," he said.

I say, good for you! Absolutely. Not fair! Good thing you stamped your feet and got your way.

"They came up with this plan for Team GB, where for three days after arrival we won't be able to train or mix with athletes from other nations. But that's fine, because the vast majority of our athletes are going to the preparation camp which is our own environment."

Riiight .... three whole days? I'm so totally reassured now.

"One of the messages that came to us very early on from the athletes was, 'please don't make this the Covid Games for us. We want to see this as the Olympic Games.

Please, ye Gods. Pretty please.

"Friends and family were the one group we were trying to push back on to see if they would be allowed in the country.

Gee thanks. Don't mind us, just push away.

"There's nothing bigger and better than the Olympics for uniting the whole world.

Well, not better, but there's this thing called a pandemic that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Does seem quite big.

"It's not been about greed. It's been about the financial sustainability of the whole sporting landscape."

Of course it's not about greed, it's just like, we sustain you financially.

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Simple solution.... No vaccine, No Olympics.

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Vaccine, no vaccine, .. everyone should be isolated for 14 days on arrival.

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@Mr KiplingJune 26  05:08 pm JST

Simple solution.... No vaccine, No Olympics.

spoken like a true dictator.

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