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Briton sprinter Gemili to take a knee if he wins medal in Tokyo


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His father is Iranian and his mother half Moroccan and runs for the UK so he has quite a few protest options. Unless he has been on the juice over the winter, he is unlikely to be on the podium.

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If he should win a medal at these Olympics, he should "take a knee" to apologise to the Japanese people for participating in these unnecessary, unpopular, corrupt, and deadly games.

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Should start a new one - #JLM - Japan Lives Matter

IOC rules - no political statements. WAF Coe - it's OK to protest. Can't even agree amonst themselves.

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Gemili exposing the cynical hypocrisy of the IOC:

"Under Rule 50, athletes are banned from protesting on the podium, field of play or at ceremonies – although the IOC is yet to reveal what sanctions rule breakers in Tokyo will face. Gemili said he was puzzled by the IOC’s stance. “This is what I don’t understand: the IOC are so quick to use Tommie Smith, the picture of his fist raised, but they are saying ‘actually, no one is allowed to do that’. It doesn’t make sense."

If these godforsaken Olympics do occur he's one athlete I'll definitely be supporting.

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But yet, selfish enough to ignore the suffering of the Japanese people. There is only one stand to take for an athlete pretending to be socially involved and that is to demand postponement to 2022 or stay home in 2021.

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Majority of sports fans just want to watch a fun sport event to escape from the pressures, stress, etc. of daily life. Keep your ideology and politics out of it!! We didn’t come to see or watch you to hear what you think, we want to see you or your team perform. That’s it. Thank you. Why do you think there are huge declines in TV viewership...???

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