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IOC still ironing out medical needs for teams at Tokyo Games


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IF they can fly in more people for their own needs why they dont send them to help out here a month earlier.

the counter argument is that any extra person is an extra risk.

an NOC delegation would usually have 1 or 2 doctors and some kine therapists.

anyway these are just stopgap and windowdressing measures. The only right thing is to postpone to 2022 alternatively cancel

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Will these additional Medical professional speak Japanese ? Do they know how the Japanese healthy system works? Will additional interpreters be needed. Again the IOC is showing the world how not to hold a mega event during Covid 19 emergence.

This display of despritional greed by IOC to hold these game is nothing more than disgustingly rude. When word Olympic is used it will be excepted has a very negative connotation in the future to majority of the world public.

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additional medical personnel would be part of the foreign Olympic delegations

More and more will come in....

Maybe these medical personnel can stay longer and help to roll out the vaccine to the japanese population.

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They want to bring in as many as possible but they want to spend as little as possible

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Right and what negotiations or agreements have been made with the Japanese government that allows these medical personal, in particular doctors, to actually "practice" any medicine during the Olympics.

If any doctor, proscribes any medication, or performs any medical procedures, they are doing so illegally, as unless you are actually licensed here, you can go to jail for doing so without a license.

Is Japan going to conveniently overlook their own laws? (My bet yes!)

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why they dont send them to help out here a month earlier.

As in, help with the pandemic? If they did, they would quite possibly be arrested and tossed in jail, and deported for practicing medicine without a license.

Welcome to Japan, it's the law here and the government is very strict about who it allows to practice medicine here, even just who can give an injection!

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They cannot send them yet until everything is ironed out

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Is the 'additional medical staff' at least vaccinated?

Olympic volunteers sure aren't.

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A lot or ironing going on,.

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So which language are they going to communicate in the doctors and nurses being flown in for the Olympics? I have not met many doctors or nurses who speak other languages than Japanese. And will they stay for a month or two after the 2 games are finished as the virus effect is normally seen sometimes late? Will they bring equipment as well with them? Hospitals in Tokyo are not far from fully booked with Covid patients.

Corrupt IOC, Japan is not setup for big fast changes so this looks like a Disaster in the Making.

Who is taking the responsibility for the people who will be sick? IOC???

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The New England journal of medicine has a great report on the IOC's plan or should I say lack of plan.


Something to note, when cancelled last year Japan had 865 active cases of Covid-19 against a global backdrop of 385,000 active cases.

Today Japan has over 60,000 active cases and over 20 million active cases worldwide.

Do why are we having Olympics?

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Anyone believe any of this?

The Japanese government cannot even get themselves to Ben the rules to let their own medical staff give out something as simple as a vaccine.

The IOC couldn't even get the Jgov to come to a workable agreement for the shooting sports something far simpler than letting non Japanese doctors work in Japan.

This will be some smoke and mirrors, on the surface they will say " look we brought doctors" in reality those doctors will have zero permission to do anything more than a guy with a first aid course.

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This title: "IOC still ironing out medical needs for teams at Tokyo Games". If it's true, ironically wrong the IOC system not contributing to the cost of medical needs.

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How are the athletes being kept apart from their drivers, cooks, cleaners , interpreters etc?

Social distancing is not something that I have ever seen practised in Japan so....?

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MORE (potentially vaccinated) foreigners flying in to harm the country and spread disease!? Ibaraki will NOT be pleased!

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"Maybe these medical personnel can stay longer and help to roll out the vaccine to the Japanese population." Maybe they will and maybe they won't. Don't count on maybes.

Seeing the IOC greed and inhumanity I would bet my money on "maybe they won't."

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This is from the current New England journal of Medicine:

 In the absence of regular testing, participants may become infected during the Olympics and pose a risk when they return home to more than 200 countries.

We believe the IOC’s determination to proceed with the Olympic Games is not informed by the best scientific evidence. The playbooks maintain that athletes participate at their own risk, while failing both to distinguish the various levels of risk faced by athletes and to recognize the limitations of measures such as temperature screenings and face coverings. Similarly, the IOC has not heeded lessons from other large sporting events. 

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For locking away those psychos with their potential killing intentions a normally sized forensic hospital with some robust guard nurses is sufficient.

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I would not be surprised, if as a result of this inaction, that some Wealthy Japanese nonconformists decide to take matters into their own hands.... they would not be without Support.

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We lack of not only medical staff but hospital. How he will bring hospital?

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