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Sex, social distancing and dining in the Olympic village

By Sakura Murakami

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But athletes have been told to keep their distance from each other, meaning fewer opportunities to mingle and more.

The Japanese adult video industry has props which are special barriers with a single hole suitable for coronavirus deflection which can allow for "mingling and more". Coupled with the condoms, it could be a virus-safe win-win for everyone!

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This is asinine, just like Abenomask. Now we can call these SugaCon? Handing out condoms is not going to increase AIDS awareness, it's going to tell the athletes, no sex, wink, wink....

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Bummer, No wild orgy parties this time

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Yeah, right. Just keep on changing the narrative as it suits!

"Athletes, here are some condoms. Please take them home and promote an awareness of HIV in your home country after the Olympics."


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But will they fit though?

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What is going on???. condoms??? who's idea???.

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“Take them home” that’s too funny.

BYOBooze - no need. Plenty of booze here.

BYOCondoms and BYODiaphram is covered in Chapter 10, Section 69, of the “How to be an Olympian” handbook.

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