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Vaccines 'encouraged' but not compulsory for athletes at Tokyo Olympics: Coates

By Ian Ransom

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Summer Olympics have about 25K athletes and coaches traveling when every country who can sends representation. This year, that won't happen. Representation will be much less this year.

Vaccines take about 6 weeks to be fully effective, so as each country has their selection meets, leading up to the Olympics, anyone not already vaccinated should be.

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Okay, if they aren't vaccinated then make them all do a strict quarantine similar to the one imposed at the Australian Open.

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No inoculation required by foreign athletes traveling to Japan, during a pandemic who will be interacting with large numbers of individuals. That is beyond stupid. No vaccination, no entry. IT IS A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. It originated in a foreign land and was brought to Japan by tourists from Wuhan. In January 2020. That is a very poignant clue. Incredible. The plague that just keeps keeping on. Mostly due to ignorant behavior and piss-poor planning by federated governments. As for the IOC, it is a borderline criminal organization.

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This is IOC way of passing the buck

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Yes, of course not compulsory. It is still unknown if the vaccines correspond with their ‘medications’ or other dopings. Would be shocking, if they are all vaccinated against Covid , but then die like fruit flies after the first 20 meters of

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Since when did the IOC have jurisdiction over the immigration status and conditions of visitors to a sovereign nation?

The arrogance and greed of the Lords of the Rings is unbelievable.

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Not compulsory, we can't do that," Coates, head of the IOC's Coordination Commission for the Tokyo Games, told reporters in Brisbane.

Am wondering if this will bode well with the Japanese people and government. I wouldn't be Surprised if some athletes will be refused entry into Japan if they aren't vaccinated. Or they will be forced to do so at the entry points. Espec athletes from the so called developing World. Remember IOC is not a country, doesn't own one, and doesn't have any legislative power as to how rules can be enforced. IOC is creating a problem here.

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"A decision on all of the accredited people and all of those who have bought tickets in Japan will certainly be there," he said.

No , they won’t actually ‘all’ be there.

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