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World's oldest person, 118, pulls out of torch relay


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The Olympic torch relay, which kicked off in March, has been hit by a coronavirus outbreak. Six people who helped with the torch relay were diagnosed with COVID-19, the Tokyo 2020 organizers said this week, bringing the total number of cases involved in the event to eight.

Some celebrities who were due to take part have withdrawn from the relay due to safety reasons amid the pandemic.

And that's just the torch relay- wait til the games start. But don't worry, the gov will just reduce testing and all will be fine.

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Amazing. At 118 was to carry the Olympic torch.This can happen only in Japan.

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What I find more surprising than her being able to hold the torch is the lack of common sense from the organizers to expose her and other members of her nursing home to infection for no real reason. How dense people have to be to include her in something that can actually put her life at risk?

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No dementia there. Smart choice.

She's not reckless.

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Very wise decision.

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Good for her! Tell this selfish LDP where to shove it! I’m in shock of how the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing! It’s like watching kids in kindergarten. Is logic and common sense so foreign here? Beyond Pathetic!

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World's oldest person, 118, pulls out 

That's what she said........did. Never mind.

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Tokyo-mMay 6  10:11 am JST

The world's oldest person, a 118-year-old Japanese woman, has decided not to take part in the torch relay for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics over pandemic fears...

Good for her. She has much more sense than the government.

And the IOC too.


Very wise decision.

She didn't get to reach of 118 by being a stupid bimbo. The government and IOC should listen to her.

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Has she been vaccinated? If not her, then who?

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