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tokyo 2020 olympics

On or off? Who's saying what about Tokyo Olympics

By Philip FONG

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At current rate, this virus won't peak before the start of the Olympics so how do they expect to hold them?

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It is a very long stretch that they would hold the Olympics. I don't see how it is possible with a pandemic growing quickly around the world. Travel will be nonexistent for several months and people's low confidence in travel will extend much longer.

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No solution will be ideal in this situation, and this is why we are counting on the responsibility and solidarity of the athletes

No one wants to be the one to cancel it, literally this reads "if the athletes don't come we will be forced to cancel"..... and history will reflect that Japan not the IOC cancelled the games.

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In a culture that makes it hard to give a direct 'yes' or 'no', Hello Kitty has grown into Schroedinger's Cat with a Cheshire smile.

The 2020 Ninja Games, both here ... and not.

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"The IOC wants us to keep risking our health, our family's health and public health to train every day? You are putting us in danger right now, today, not in 4 months."

-- Greece's Olympic pole vault champion Katerina Stefanidi.

"I think the IOC insisting this will move ahead, with such conviction, is insensitive and irresponsible given the state of humanity."

-- Hayley Wickenheiser, a Canadian IOC member and a four-time Olympic ice hockey gold medallist.

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If the JOC and Japan don't cancel for any other reason than they should scrap it to salvage what little dignity remains on this issue, making a determination. Instead, they are whimpering, praying, dragging their feet, and literally risking people's lives in the LEAD UP to the Games, let alone what kind of impact would be had on the health of the people, and the nation, if they decided out of sheer pride greed to hold them. And this isn't even taking the extreme heat into consideration... you know, that OTHER major health risk that has already caused talks of delays and has seen the marathon schedule change a few times before it was decided to move them to Hokkaido (ground zero for the virus in Japan)? Most athletes will not show, and I suspect a number of spectators (probably few to none from overseas).

Just suck it up, and postpone or cancel. At least it is a decision, and would garner a little respect. No one has any respect for what's going on now.

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It's stupid to cancel the Olympics right now. This whole virus may wash over us in three months, leaving the Olympics ready to go in five. Canceling them now is premature, and the only people rallying for it are the Japan haters who are hoping for a hit against Japan for daring to host the Olympics in the first place.

They may need to be canceled/postponed, but anyone who thinks that it's early enough to know isn't very smart with these issues.

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It's stupid to cancel the Olympics

They are going to cancel it. If not no one is going to show up. Athletes and fans alike will not show up.

1.) When you make plans for travel how far ahead do you make flight/hotel reservations?

2.) Media and news outlets come couple months in advance to prepare for broadcasting etc... so they will have to be in a Japan in May. (That’s not going to happen)

3.) No one is hating on your beloved Japan they are being realistic.

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If you’re going to let in people from countries around the world with varying infection rates, you’ve got to upgrade your system of control like in the video linked below:


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On, of course! A sense of normalcy is needed now more than ever. As one nation that didn't cave in to the horrible virus, it is important for Japan to show the world that humanity will prevail! With the Olympics torch brightly lit up the sky, the world will follow Japan's leadership in droves.

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The uncomfortable truth: CANCEL!

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