tokyo 2020 olympics

Pandemic Olympics: How the Tokyo Games will be different

By Katie Forster

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Just to be clear, there is no requirement for anyone related to the Olympics either Japanese or foreign to be vaccinated. Also there is no 14 day quarantine. It’s 3 days for them and 14 days for normal plebes like us

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We all know. No need for articles about this.

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It is the wooden spoon Olympics, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

You know what I find the most irritating, Abe san could supported these games.

After all Abe san had no problem dressing up as, well witness for yourselves.

Japan PM Abe Shinzo steals the show in Rio

Abe san could have taken time out and followed through, Abe san didn't, he ran for cover and closed the hatch.

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Kissing a piece of plastic is so gross.

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This isn't an Olympics it's a TV show...

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This will also be the one with the most controvercies.

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Here's the educated person's critique of the safety protocols at these games: we have a one-size-fits all testing regime that was built around the lack of a requirement for all athletes to be vaccinated, and doesn't sufficiently relate to various degrees of transmission rates that are due to the of how the sports are played, nor intrinsic differences among the venues (indoor or outdoor, various amounts of airflow, etc.

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..........and athletes required to leave the Olympic Village 48 hours after they finish competing.

To their home country one assumes?

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I meant to add this to the post above but thinking about this; a national team from wherever can easily arrive together on one flight but their individual events are spread over a 2 or 3 week period. If they are from the US or another major country then there are probably plenty of flights to choose from to get them back home but, if they are from somewhere less erm, blessed with regular flights, they are going to have a problem.

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best part of these so called "olympics" will be end of games...i wish it could be tomorrow...medals give all to Japan...

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Kissing a piece of plastic is so gross.

Sounds like there’s a story behind this opinion.

Please share!

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@ShinkansenCaboose Kissing a piece of plastic is so gross. Be careful plastic is everywhere!

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As soon as these ‘games’ are over, suddenly and miraculously the quarantine times will be shortened radically

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As soon as these ‘games’ are over, suddenly and miraculously the quarantine times will be shortened radically

That is about the silliest thing I have heard.

The government wanted badly to have spectators.

Your theory would mean the government is keeping the SOE in place for what reason, to not have spectators and loose more money?

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Well, what is the rationale for not having limited numbers of residents at the games?

Comparably,cases are low in Japan even with the abysmal vaccinations meted out.

Also, at present there is not even a distinction in Japan for vaccinated and non vaccinated.

Why not?

The answer is the Olympics

What the Japanese government ‘wanted’ was not to be fined and having to pay out money.

What the government ‘wants’ is also less infections in the present.

The number of spectators being reduced was an attempt to cut the number of infections, during the Olympics and that’s the focus

It is just a show.

If the government had really wanted to cut numbers then it would have done as the US and the UK did.

It would have got people off trains and buses

Also, it would have

guaranteed salaries and ensured that workers were not financially compromised.

They didn’t-cases are up!

Also,GDP and company bonuses are way down.

The Japanese government is first and foremost concerned with money (not paying it) and not losing face, would you not agree?

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What, exactly, are those women seeing on that cellphone??

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What a sorry Olympics! It's supposed to be the happiest time ever for the athletes. So many restrictions for them. They are going to be confined to the Olympic village. Can't even mingle and sightsee, and enjoy the wonderful culture of Japan. We're hardly not going to see any world records fall due to no cheering spectators. Are they going to have those artificial canned cheers?

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