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Paralympics will give a voice to those left behind in pandemic: IPC


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this is getting to be disgusting....

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Pure propaganda.

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agree with you both 100%. The powers that be are getting desperate.

The Tokyo Paralympics will give a voice to people with disabilities, who have been left behind during the COVID-19 pandemic, International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons said.

After the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Games due to the global health crisis, the Paralympic Games are now set begin on Aug. 24 and Parsons said it was time to focus on the "incredible experience" athletes will have in Japan.

How about giving a voice to the overwhelming majority of people who don't want the games in the first place??

The Tokyo Olympics event is a lot of things- one thing it is not is an event that gives a voice to ANYONE except those who will profit. Full stop.

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Parssons is a sad cowtowing self servicing individual and that attitude is why he got the job.

he does not hesitate to use the paralympians for his own sad agenda and thus is putting the gains that paralympic athletes and disabled people made on full integration at risk.

he is a disgrace and unfit to hold that office

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Geez, Parsons, have you no shame? What a putz.......

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What drivel.

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The games will be safe they have assured us

Who are they? people with valid authority in disease control? or just politicians and athletes? The pandemic has cause a lot of people to sacrifice things in order to protect the life and means of living of everybody in general. The least anybody should do to protect the dreams of vulnerable people is to listen to the experts when they say something is not going to help and instead become a higher risk, even if politicians tell you to trust them everything is going to be fine.

If you have politicians saying one thing about an infectious disease, and the health care experts saying the opposite, it only makes sense to listen to one of them.

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i Choose to lol at the evidence. Low risk of transmissions, excellent healthcare available and strong precautions to be enforced.

And your opinion about it is still much less important than what from the experts. Which have said the measures are incomplete and wholly insufficient to avoid increasing the risk.

There is no safe place where tens of thousands of volunteers commute daily without tests, without isolation. Being able to recognize this and protect the vulnerable population even against financial pressures would be much more inspiring.

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