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Russia edges Japan, China for gold in men's gymnastics


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"Russia" continues to make mockery of Olympic ban

To recap just some of the story: In Sochi, the Russians constructed a building adjacent to the drug-testing lab and then cut a hole in the wall. Each night, after the lab closed, workers passed dirty athlete samples out and clean samples in.

Two predictable things happened: Russia won the most medals. Not a single Russian tested positive. When they got done doping the Olympics, they then did the same at the Paralympics as well, which seems particularly pathetic. Russia won the most medals there, too, of course, more than three times the next-best country.

Couldn’t they have at least gotten creative and dubbed the Russians the “Sochi Hole-in-the-Wall Club”? Doesn’t cheating the world’s visually impaired skiers and wheelchair curlers out of fair competition, merit some trolling?

— Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports,

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I still can't believe they keep letting this country in no matter how many times they get caught for doping. Japan and China were robbed by the IOC for letting this Russian team compete. There should have been no "Russia edges Japan and China" in this comp.

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This was a close competition, all the teams did their best.

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I wonder how long until we find out that this Russian was doped by their government in a state-sponsored doping program. Again.

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If the Russian team wasn't allowed to compete any result wouldn't have been considered truly legitimate.

When Russia competes, no result can be considered legitimate, as the Olympics are supposed to be free of PEDs, and Russia runs state-sponsored doping programs. We always have to wonder how many medals won by Russians were won through cheating.

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Blame the IOC for allowing the Russians to compete, not the athletes.

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With an IOC fixation on money, wonder how much "Russia" passed under the table to secure their participation in this "Olympic".

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Wake me up when the men are done and the women take stage.

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Great job ROC, well-deserved gold! Extra kudos go to Dalaloyan for performing all-round only a couple of months after an Achilles surgery. Truly amazing.

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IOC need to be less selective and ban every doping nation.

Clean Olympics!

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Congratulation to Russia!

Japan should use the opportunity to start making friends, instead of listening to expat's barks.

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Alot of sour grapes here for Russia, Sochi happened how many years ago ? guess Russia is always supposed to carry that tag forever, whereas, the Balco lab is conveniently forgotten and getting zero mention. Well not surprised at all, he who has the media controls the narrative. Control is not limited to countries with authoritarian regimes.

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Everyone saw how points were awarded .. What mistakes someone made. It was a fair fight. They fought on equal terms

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Alot of sour grapes here for Russia, Sochi happened how many years ago ? guess Russia is always supposed to carry that tag forever, whereas, the Balco lab is conveniently forgotten and getting zero mention.

Because the Balco cheating was by individuals (not the state system), the Olympic athletes got punished severely and their records purged, and the main prosecutor itself was the American agency, particularly Jeff Novitzky. (Can you imagine the Russian agency going to great lengths to prosecute their own athletes who cheat? Yeah, I can't imagine it neither.) So now it's case closed

Whereas Russia keeps denying its culpability - every time it avoids correcting its system, it gets back in the news. So all they're doing is lengthening their time in the news (like if your kid keeps denying he's the one who broke the vase - all he's doing is lengthening his time being in the doghouse)

Oh, let's not forget that later Russia also forged the data documents it gave to WADA - so they made another wrong on top of the wrong they already did. So that lengthened even more time to them being in the news doghouse. (Tell your child to just own up to it, and his punishment won't keep going on and on. There's a lesson there.)

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Congratulations for both the men and female gymnastics teams from Russia!

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