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Russia wants Tchaikovsky music for anthem at Tokyo Olympics


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Tchaikovsky's music is wonderful and shouldn't be banned or censored.

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Tchaikovsky was a Russian, his music should be considered “part of the world's musical legacy.”

Great choice! Good to see Russia becoming more willing to support one of the country's LGBT legends!

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Great choice! Good to see Russia becoming more willing to support one of the country's LGBT legends!

Good call, further evidence that the Russian government embraces LGBT performers while Western governments try to ban them.

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Their name will be ROC? The Republic of China? Oh, that's right, Chinese Taipei. Could be a cause of confusion for the flag raising during the medal ceremonies. PRC might not take kindly if Chinese Taipei flag is raised instead of the Russian flag. Wow, that would be funny. Tokyo Olympics is so jinxed I would take bets on it.

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The first song that comes into mind for Russia's team is Shaggy's "It wasn't me". Add a bit of Beck's "Loser".

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And I want ‘The Cure’s song ‘Funeral party’, yes, you are very smart and immediately guessed it, for my funeral party...rofl

2 ( +2 / -0 )

"Russia wants". There will be no Russian team at the Olympics if I am not mistaken.

Russia has no right to want. They can politely ask. That is all. They want to be seen as tough, but in real they just look like a school bully. Weak to the core, compensating for something.

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Pathetic losers..

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What, have they run out of stock of balalaika songs? "Kalinka, malinka" would be a wonderful tune.

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If their organizations keep cheating and doping their athletes they shouldn't even be there, let alone choosing what songs to play.

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