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South Korean TV network apologizes for offensive Olympic broadcast


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What the heck. It was South Korea's media. Can't expect otherwise.

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It was Stupid. - Now, let’s turn the camera around to closely scrutinize Japanese TV’s weekly, Sunday “news” & commentary shows to see if ‘the pot calls the kettle “Black”. -

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with the frequent scandals and negative events happening almost daily with the games I can't blame them for lowering themselves to the level the organizers are setting, misogyny, criminal level bullying, holocaust jokes, drugs, sexual assault, xenophobic signs at hotels,

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sushi for Japan

I'm impressed they were so kind to Japan, and didn't picture a comfort woman or Fukushima Dai-ichi.

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What did they use for China ?

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It is not the first time as MBC broadcaster blew it back in the 2008 Beijing Games.

At least Kiribati, Zimbabwe and Chad were teased.



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MBC used an image of Dracula to represent Romania.

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Maybe SKorea needs to be regulated down to the Children's Group of Countries from around the World.

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While this is not the Olympics' fault, it is yet another example of the Olympic experience falling well short of what we are told are its ideals. Strip away the ideals and its just an overpriced sports day.

I won't suggest any, but I would remind Koreans who like this that there are ways to belittle their country when the boot is on another foot.

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Freedom of expression is protected in South

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Having read enough vile lies about South Koreans I think the Japanese ultranationalists have nothing to say.

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On one level, it's pretty funny. At this level (Olympics) it's an embarrassment for South Korea.

Still funny tho.

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According to another site, MBC (Korean broadcasting company) displayed the following images / captions:

Ukraine: Chernobyl nuclear power plant

El Salvador: a bitcoin photo

Haiti: photo of a riot and the caption “Jungkook is in the fog due to the assassination of the president”

Norway: photo of salmon

Italy: photo of pizza

Marshall Islands: caption “once a nuclear test site for the United States”

Syria: caption “a civil war going on for 10 years”

Romania: a picture of the Bram Stoker character Dracula

There are more, I'm sure.

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Zero discretion, zero common sense.

Almost everywhere fools are in position of influence while the intelligent people are subservient to the fools.

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"What happened Korea??, be nice!!.."

That is not possible.

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this article stays here but no articles about the Japanese Olympics official who made jokes about the holocaust?

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That’s a shame………

Though, Im sure Japan won’t make a comment on it, they’ve definitely had their share of inappropriate actions on national and worldwide media.

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And how did they depict their own country ? A bowl haircut, kimchi stuffing BTS lookalike/Kpop plastic model ?

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If Japan had done this......

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This article has many things to do with Japan @Hakmam 10:03am. Perhaps it’s painfully conflictive for some to confront one country’s own continuous hypocrisies while confronting others for their mistakes & shortcomings above AND, simultaneously promoting ‘Diplomacy’ by hosting some international games

By the way, My family and I are at ‘home’. Our home is Japan. Perhaps you should please be more tolerant of others living here with you?

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When governments and media immerse a nation in victimhood year after year, would one expect anything else?

Stay tuned for the same kind of garbage to flow out of the USA and Britain.

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This might sound bad so apologizing beforehand, but did that TV organization use a huge picture of garlic for their own people? If they made fun of their own as well, it would have become as a Greek Comedy, and perhaps people could have laughed to see how racist and divided us humans really are. I am a good sport and let people that know me tease me to let out their steam as I call it, but over sensitivity seems to be blowing out from America all over the world.

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dbsaiyaToday  06:44 am JST


They sure are acting like rude guests, are they trying to spoil these controversial Olympics even more a disaster? Ukraine, Haiti, Marshall Islands and El Salvador have something positive image or culture wise to show. This is a major diss. Even if Haiti is in chaos again right now. Doesn't SK have a past of dictatorships as well, starting with Syngman Rhee?

GoingforthegoldToday  11:09 am JST

If Japan had done this......

The crap would've hit the fan! Japan is already looking bad enough as it is.

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Tokyo Olympics opening draws 16.7 mln U.S. TV viewers, a 33-year low.....

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Sometimes, a free press can mean an irresponsible press. Oh well, they did apologize.

As for the opening ceremonies, I thought they were spectacular.

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What did they use for China ?

I don't know. I don't care lol.


What did they use for USA, Germany, France,... and the own country?

Well I may care a bit.

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The whole issue is so ridiculous that they should have posted the below to enhance how racist and ignorant humans are. Humans are a pathetic genetic anomaly.

kennyGToday  06:38 pm JST

What did they use for China ?

I don't know. I don't care lol.


What did they use for USA, (Thugs with guns praised as heroes) Germany, Brown Shirts) France, (White Flags with Napolian eating cake),... and the own country (Claiming genetic proof that delicious Aomori garlic was made first in Seoul)?

Well I may care a bit.

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Droll QuarryJuly 25  05:08 pm JST


Tokyo Olympics opening draws 16.7 mln U.S. TV viewers, a 33-year low.....

The Olympics are supposed to feature the world's best athletes but with this virus still running, how can we have the best competitors? PM Suga was smart to delay the Games last year but this time he's acting more like a 'Mr. Sukkup' and just passing the buck. Shame.

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Korean general newspaper "Kukmin Ilbo"

"The Organizing Committee has prepared a bouquet from Fukushima to show the world how to recover from the damage caused by the Fukushima nuclear power plant, but the fact is that there are considerable concerns about radioactivity."

Factless news is being broadcast.

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