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The waiting Games: Olympians navigate strict rules in Tokyo


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Virus outbreaks already, and the Olympics haven't even started yet.

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Is it the 3rd, 4th or which edition of the “we’ll play it by ear” IOCJOC Tokyo Olympics Competitors’ Rulebook they are supposed to be using?

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I feel so sorry for these Olympians. This isn't "the dream" that they've been striving for.

I fully blame the IOC and the JGovt for this debacle, putting their monetary interests first over common sense and giving these athletes a proper Olympic Games.

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Both 400mH finals are going to be fantastic. McLaughlin and Warholm are in such great form coming off WR runs. Looking forward to it.

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There are times in life when one has to walk away and fold a losing hand.

For this 2020 Olympic, it not to late for Japan Government to take a step back and for the sake of J health care system and people hold there heads up and tell the IOC enough is enough.

The risk and dangers could become insurmountable.

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Virus outbreaks already, and the Olympics haven't even started yet

so you’ll be blaming every new corona case on the Olympics will you ? Very convenient.

who’s going to be your scapegoat when they’re finished ?

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You have your Olympics and you can see we are all “sacrificing” for your childlike selfishness. Now even the airlines are. Just for you

Yes maybe I will blame all new cases on the Olympics…’s as logical as holding them at this time

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Jourdan (top photo) is PDP! (pretty darn photogenic)

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how exactly are you sacrificing ?

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@toohey - my taxes are paying for this, a state of emergency has been called for your Olympics, Inbound flights for foreign residents and Japanese citizens are being restricted. My wife's friend now thinks maybe she cannot take an overseas trip because of concerns about getting a return flight....summer holiday is gone.

How do your Olympics benefit Japan in any way whatsoever? It is a fiscal loss, an unnecssary risk.

Why can't you postpone your Olympics for a few months. Are you so selfish you cannot wait for people to get vaccinated?

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If these athletes are restricted to the village and or their hotels, Why are we seeing so many olympic games toyota cars shuttling people about town?

Even some self driven ones , you can tell they are not locals they dont even know which lane to be in where to turn or what the hell they are doing, thought they wernt allowed to leave the damn village, c'mon man tell the truth !

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It is because we are being lied to.

But remember. As the great scientist Bach said, there is ZERO risk.....the numerator in the calculation used to quantify risk is ZERO.......Bach told is this.

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"As the great scientist Bach said, there is ZERO risk....."

Do we detect a hint of sarcasm...?

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Not sure why you’re calling them my olympics - I ain’t no fan of the Olympics.

my taxes are also paying for them.

So why am I selfish ?

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Hiniku (irony), perhaps?

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@toohey. From your post one would assume you are for the Olympics and the holding of the games under these conditions. My personal opinion is that those who are for holding the games now are selfish as they are asking the Japanese citizens (and residents) to sacrafice for them.

So you are telling us you are against holding the Tokyo Olympics under the current circumstances?

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Whoa, remember that time we played in an Olympic Games in the middle of the pandemic?’” Let’s see how that pans out in the future. Might want to keep that to yourself.

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Is it the 3rd, 4th or which edition of the “we’ll play it by ear” IOCJOC Tokyo Olympics Competitors’ Rulebook they are supposed to be using?

They will be given the latest edition, you can be sure of that. But yeah, I hear ya. Too bad if an athlete who was originally given Edition 2 arrives and gets caught out because latest Edition 6 has new / revised rules that they overlooked or misunderstood. And with a lot of these Japanese translations being full of double negatives (in English at least) it's gonna cause a lot of confusion anyway, I am sure.

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i don’t care whether the Olympics are held or not. As I said, I’m not a fan.

Despite the pandemic & everything else, I’ve just tried to enjoy my life with a positive mindset.

As far as I can tell, Being negative & constantly complaining hasn’t achieved anything for anyone

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Sydney McLaughlin turns 22 three days after the final of the 400-meter hurdles, in which she might win Olympic gold and may even lower her current world record.

She will soon find out staying without being infected more difficult than winning gold in her discipline. I really feel sorry for the athletes for being put through prison like conditions and probably not being able to compete because they tested positive not because they were careless but because they were in the wrong place , with the wrong people or even being a victim of false positive test.

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