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Tokyo Games workers to self-collect saliva samples for COVID testing


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Seriously? And the powers that be think that is sufficient to hold the games?? What a bunch of IDIOTS

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Why is this so far down the news page!

This is massive.

This means the most healthy and least likely to get sick or spread the virus (the athletes) will be the only ones really properly tested.

The cast majority is a mishmash of whatever can be jumbled together!

A really clown show but most clown shows are better organized

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For an athlete who has trained for a lifetime, finally got to the Olympicss and is feeling a bit iffy with a couple of days to go . . . . what could possibly go wrong?

Or team sports where one member is feeling unwell. What's stopping another taking the test for him/her?

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Safe and secure, they say.

BTW, aren't these two adjectives synonyms?

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"Those who will have regular contact with athletes will be tested for the virus on a daily basis, in principle,"

In principle????????!!!!!!!!!

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In principle????????!!!!!!!!!

Because Tokyo's plan to hijack hospital space and testing facilities from other prefectures was soundly rejected by the government's of those prefectures.

So now Tokyo and the IOC need a way to reduce testing.

So if they can they will test those other than the Athletes, at least that now seems to be the new plan.

By the day of the Olympics it could be everyone every few days including the athletes, perhaps not?

They are making it up as they go!

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Look up where all the events happening and look at where all the people, the entourages are staying, then make some decisions to get as far away as possible, because asking people to deliver their own saliva is like asking kindergartners did they wash their hands well.

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More Idiocy !

You could not make this stuff up !

Who believes any of this rubbish ?

Are they also going to have security guards stopping these people involved with the games from going out of their hotels after hours?

Lunacy !

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