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Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games


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...have been canceled only in wartime.

Well, that's just how many experts have likened the fight against the coronavirus - a war. Seems like these old men are in denial by not considering any alternatives.

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Takahashi has let the cat out of the bag...

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The Olympics are a hopeless case, its over. Dont believe the spin some are desperately trying to put on things. There is ZERO chance this pandemic will be under control by April when the decision to cancel will be made.

Tokyo-Sapporo 2021.

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“There is no plan now to change our plans," Mori said.

That sounds like a bad plan. Or should I say non-plan. Don't want to make Mori-san angry.

“He certainly said an outlandish thing.”

There is a plan and it must be followed to the dot regardless of reality or extraordinary circumstances. How dare he suggest we have any sort of contingency plan for dealing with what has now just been declared a global pandemic.

Delay the olympics for a year or two. No sport and certainly not Japan's pride is worth the price of endangering peoples lives.

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I guess those dear folks who are awaiting kickbacks, payouts and bribes will be going home with empty pockets this year. If covid-19 continues to burn, mostly unchecked through the population it will peak around the time of the opening ceremonies.

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The IOC's contract with Tokyo gives it almost total control over cancellation

the Olympic body had until about the end of May to decide on going ahead — or something else.

Then do we care what Takahashi, Mori, or Muto have to say if the IOC will make the decision and are considering options. I realize Mori has to appear to be in charge and make it seem like the Tokyo committee is united, but who cares? It’s not their decision to make.

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Everyday on NHK Corona virus is the main news, even on other japanese channels, its being talked about.

With no cure yet, how is Japan supposed to host the olympics if people are worried about this virus everyday?

How are people going to travel to Tokyo from other parts of the world in a situation like this?

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“There is no plan now to change our plans," Mori said.

But is there a plan to change the no plan to change our plans?

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Those oyajis always appear unmasked in front of the press before they slip back to their darkened cars...

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Agree with borscht. JOC, Mori or anyone else don't have a say, the unilateral decision by the IOC to move the marathon to Sapporo should have made that clear to everyone. Bach will decide, not Mori. And if Bach wants the Olympics to continue even though the WHO has officially declared this a pandemic then so be it. Tokyo Olympics was a mistake from the beginning, 50,000 still displaced from 3/11, and the clean up at Fukushima to take generations.

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stubborn nappy wearing old boys in denial as ever.

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Meanwhile around the globe many important events are cancelled or going to be soon and then you get these old cronies caring only about the money.

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If any of you need a reminder (or a lesson for you newer folks) as to why Mori is in a class by himself as dumbest PM, see his comments.

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Doe anyone actually believe there is no plan in place to shut the games down? you'd have to be hopelessly naive to think so.

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Someone needs to inform him a pandemic was declared.

Tokyo-Sapporo 2021.

Doubling or tripling the cost? Dream on. Ships already sailed.

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If any of you need a reminder (or a lesson for you newer folks) as to why Mori is in a class by himself as dumbest PM, see his comments.

Indeed.....gosh, just look at him on the he even gonna make it to the Olympics?

How long do the oyaji politicians  here wanna hold on to their cushy jobs...100 +?

Time for pasture already....

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There is no such proviso to delineate the term "almost" total control.

If the Government of Japan determines that to proceed with the 2020 Olympic Games in its current format would present a significant public health hazard that would or could constitute a threat to life, The contract with the IOC would become worthless pieces of paper.

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Like Ostrich burying its head in the sand...

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Olympics will be cancelled this year...

Get over it old timers...

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Why Mori was ever appointed is beyond my ability to comprehend. He has always been hated by the public. He had a short and unpopular tenure as prime minister. His ego is bigger than that of either President Trump or Prime Minister Abe. He should have been sent out to pasture long ago.

And cancel the damn Olympics!

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At 83 years, Mr Mori is a geriatric and geriatrics should not be in charge of decisions which potentially can affect the health of millions of people...

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According to the opening paragraph of Mori's wikipedia article.

'Described as having "the heart of a flea and the brain of a shark," he was unpopular in opinion polls during his time in office'

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Why would Japan want to allow visitors all over the world to bring in the virus again even if it gets under control by then?

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I say he must be living in Cloud Space, or out of touch with reality, or simply a STONE head. butter now than later, it seems that this virus is not going away anytime soon, so bite the bullet and move on, SIR.

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Let the Olympics go ahead and see the major catastrophe unfold amid the virus, with many people getting sick and overwhelming the hospital with foreigners and the confusion due to language problems, lack of beds, testing facilities, medical workers, you name it. It will be all on the heads of the IOC Japan. IOC's main concern is the paybacks to realtors, sponsors, etc. Isn't it why there is the insurance as mentioned in the article regarding cancellation? Japan needs to eat the loss on this and focus on taking care of the coronavirus and the residents of Japan, enough said.

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I think lots of people don't get is that announcing it will greatly affect the Japan's stock exchange.

People in the back of their minds know that cancellation or postponement will be inevitable but any delays to the announcement will even the shock to the market.

However i don't know their reason to keep appearing on press to say the same things, just post a press statement if there's nothing to update.

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Japan will ban testing and reporting of cornavirus by April so Japan can be “virus-free” for the Olympics.

I see tapering of testing happening after the 10-day extension of event restriction “urgings”. By April the testing will be in the single digits.

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I think one of the big factor as to whether the Games go ahead or not, is air travel. Everyday more airlines are cancelling flights all around the world. It is too early to know when flights will increase or when people are willing to travel again.

I am all for delaying the Games, so the Tokyo's Olympics are remembered for the right reasons.

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I like many I want the Olympics to happen being selected as a volunteer. However, with a Pandemic declared today, we should probably postpone it while there is time to give a new date and make preparations. Waiting until May is cutting it close since we start training at that time.

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@RubensT well of course coronavirus is all over the news now. That’s because this epidemic is still really big now.

And in terms of this thing not being under control by spring? How do you explain the over 64,000 people who have since recovered from the virus? Yes most of those are in China, but the measures that China initially took that a lot of people have called draconian, (and still do I might add) other countries are now doing on some level.

And guess what? The amount of coronavirus cases are going down significantly! And also, they decide to ban all incoming tourists from all countries, not just from those places affected. Well at least a mandatory 14 day quarantine, which a lot of people here in the comments section were calling for anyway. Yes, China can be very draconian, no doubt. But for once, it’s actually helping us, in fighting the spread of this disease.

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@quercetum Because those countries where those people are from, are also really cracking down on the virus. And if there’s any places that are not by then, do you really think that Japan will just let them in willy-nilly? I think not. And I prove my point, what about all these close doors sporting events like with the sumo tournament?

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Even if they have the Olympics who is going to come into the middle of an pandemic?

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I am betting that it goes ahead on the exact dates but without spectators. The broadcasters can still broadcast, letting the IOC keep the money from the most lucrative stakeholders, athletes can compete on the dates that they have aimed to be at their peak condition, but tickets will have to be refunded, leaving the JOC with a big loss, however compensated somewhat by the insurance.

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As the NBA season is now cancelled it is very unlikely that the Olympics will go on.

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These people to not give a rat$ a$$ about the citizens of Japan or those who otherwise may be impacted.

Sounds like they are more worried about the Olympic Village apartments being available for sale than they are about the health of the Japanese citizens and residents.

Arrogance beyond belief


Yes, China can be very draconian, no doubt. But for once, it’s actually helping us, in fighting the spread of this disease.

If the information coming out of China is correct; I fully agree.

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Why are numbers in Japan so low? Is testing of any kind being done? i cannot see how the Olympics can go on unless the danger of this virus disappears.

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Snake bit from day one, logo hit with copyright violation, bribery scandal, Olympic Stadium fiasco, events moved out of the Tokyo area, heat concerns now Coronavirus. Waiting for the locusts to hit.

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Why are numbers in Japan so low?

If they actually are low, it may be because the strain here isn't as contagious. Or maybe they are effectively controlling it.

Hard to say right in the heat of the issue.

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I think the numbers are so low due to the fact that extensive testing has not been performed in Japan.

South Korea provides a very good benchmark. Lots of testing done, lots of cases identified, but some possible good news is the South Korea data would indicate the virus may not be as deadly as what is being said now.

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Japan is controlling virus???


Numbers are low because Japan is not testing to suppress numbers.

japan is doing much much less than South Korea and Italy, and by all possibilities there’s more cases in Japan than Korea and Italy combined. But it will never be announced because Japan cap testing to double digits in most prefectures.

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Any option other than opening on schedule — if the virus allows that — is fraught with problems.

The IOC's contract with Tokyo gives it almost total control over cancellation without a penalty for breaking contract terms. It has a reserve fund of about $2 billion to tide it over until the next Olympics, and also carries cancellation insurance.

Delaying a year or two, as Takahashi suggested, would see the Olympics clash with events already set on the crowded world sports calendar. That would include the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and soccer's World Cup in Qatar the same year.

It also raises questions about more than 3,000 apartments being built for the Athletes Village. Those units are to be sold off by realtors after the 2020 Olympics and should go for high-end prices.

The village is to house 11,000 Olympic athletes and 4,400 Paralympic athletes and would not likely be available.

Any delay would also affect broadcasters like U.S. network NBC, which is paying more than $1 billion for the rights to the Tokyo Olympics. The same is true for sponsors. Broadcasting rights and sponsorship account for 91% of the IOC income.

Blah blah blah blah. It's all about the almighty yen. Money and greed.

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The reality is that the organizers are not thinking about the question "should the Tokyo 2020 Olympics be cancelled in light of the global pandemic?" ---that's a simple yes/no query that is easy for anyone to answer.

What the organizers are burdened with is the question: "how to do we cancel or delay the Olympics with the least amount of financial and social damage to the host city/country, the global organizers, the international media industry, the global sports industry (athletes, trainers, etc), the local citizens, the sports fans all over the world, and the impossible to list number of industries and businesses that would be affected... while still dealing with the fact that nobody really knows when the pandemic will end and how the damage it will deal to the global economy affects decision making processes?" --of course, I'm oversimplifying.

Is it true that money is among their main concerns? Most definitely so. But is that the reason why they are delaying in providing a definitive decision regarding the Olympics? Not really. The reason for the delay in providing an answer (and it should be a rather obvious answer to entire world by now), is the fact that simply saying "no Olympics this 2020" doesn't end an announcement/press release. Follow up questions will be asked, and answering those are just as important (after all, that would determine the immediate and long term futures for many who are involved and are affected by the event). Until they have as many answers to as many possible questions they can think of, we cannot expect the organizers to make an announcement.

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It also raises questions about more than 3,000 apartments being built for the Athletes Village. Those units are to be sold off by realtors after the 2020 Olympics and should go for high-end prices.

Why not donate to the afflicted in the tohoku region? Remember them? 80 billion down the tubes and that region and it's people are still reeling. Shame!!

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