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Tokyo Olympics organizers prepare to resume 'safe' test events


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at least they will test the assistants before and after the event.

we will finally get some data from a random population.

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The only safe manner would be Hazmat suits and breathing apparatus. Safe and secure is an impossibility at an international event. The absurdity of holding the Olympics during a pandemic is reinforced by actual circumstance, the fourth wave. The current CDC Director, just today, indicated an increase in cases and hospitalizations.

CDC Director Walensky, indicated the "trajectory of the pandemic in the U.S. looks similar to other European states" such as Germany and France, where there is a, "worrying spike in cases."  One might suggest barring athletes from those regions, essentially, half the world.

The CDC director said that the recent increase in travel — as well as some states loosening coronavirus-related restrictions, is likely behind the increase in cases. One may aptly observe, the Olympics require travel from all over the globe and encourages such from the length & breadth of Japan. Less than wise. 

The only avenue open to safely allowing the Olympics to occur, would be complete inoculation of all participants and spectators. Results indicated a 90% drop in infection risk after participants were fully vaccinated, i.e. two weeks after they received second jabs developed by Pfizer or Moderna. The findings also underscored a high level of protection after just a single dose; participants’ risk of infection was cut by 80% two weeks after their initial vaccination.

Note and heed the fact: The findings were consistent with results from clinical trials conducted prior to the vaccines receiving emergency authorizations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the CDC said.

Holding the Olympics as heretofore described will result in not just a spike, but a health crisis that will overwhelm the entire healthcare system. A fine legacy for Abe, Suga and all involved.

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